Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 87

IEN 413 English for Business Proposals and Reports Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104, IEN 105 This course includes a study of the principles of writing business proposals, situation and audience analysis, collecting, researching and synthesizing information, formats and features of business proposals, and different kinds of business reports, including informative and persuasive. IEN 421 Intercultural Competence in Business Prerequisite: ILB 110, IEN 105 This course provides students with the understand- ings and skills required to conduct business with a superior level of intercultural competence which is crucial for commer- cial success. This course focuses on business aspects of intercultural competence. Students examine how culture and intercultural dynamics influence interactions between people, businesses, organizations and management in a variety of settings. Particular areas of importance include different cultural approaches to management, organizational structures, meetings, time, productivity, status and staff. It also covers the effects of culture and language in communication between people from various countries. and their implementing through the roles of communication, different types of power, cultural factors affecting negotia- tions, and practical negotiating frameworks and tactics. IEN 431 Interpretation Skills Prerequisite: IEN 105 A study of basic theories and skills for Thai-English bilateral interpretation and bilingual communication including practice in interpretation skills. (This course is offered for Thai students only). IEN 444 Independent Study Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104, IEN 105 An Individualized study under faculty supervision focusing on a specific business-related topic. Evaluation will be based on projects or assignments. (Dean’s approval is required.) IEN 469 Creative Writing Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104, IEN 105 The course encourages students to develop their imaginative writing skills. Assignments include writing such creative work as prose fiction, poetry, and essays. IEN 422 English for Business Negotiations and Persuasion Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104, IEN 105 A study of principles and techniques in business nego- tiations and persuasion. Students will practice preparing structures of different types of negotiations and persuasions BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 85