Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 86

IEN 402 Selected Literary Works Prerequisite: IEN 105 A study of and practice in critical reading and analysis of selected literary works. IEN 406 Research Writing Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104, IEN 105 A study of fundamental research methods and practice of conducting different types of research on various topics related to business and students’ interests. IEN 403 Foundation of Language Teaching Prerequisite: IEN 105 A study of principles and theories of English language teaching including various approaches to language instruction management and teaching methods. IEN 404 Methodology of English Language Teaching Prerequisite: IEN 403 An introduction to the field of English language teaching including traditional and innovative classroom methods and techniques for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to speakers of English as a second language. IEN 405 Linguistics for English Teaching Prerequisite: IEN 211 A study of essential linguistic concepts for English language study, major subfields of linguistics for English teachers, and the application of linguistic knowledge in English language teaching. 84 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL IEN 411 Seminar in ASEAN Business Topics Prerequisite: IEN 105 The course increases students’ awareness and understanding of ASEAN and the ASEAN Community. Areas covered include the four major areas of ASEAN cooperation: Political and Security, Economic, Functional and Develop- mental. IEN 412 Cultural Knowledge and Communication Prerequisite: IEN 105 With an emphasis on the dynamic relationships between culture, communication, and behavior, this course provides students with the opportunity to acquire the cultural knowledge required to understand and analyze how culture influences communication in a range of social and business situations. It takes both a culture-specific approach focusing on communication, values, norms and behaviors in national and ethnic cultures, and introduces broad theoretical concepts for examining intercultural communication in a globalized world.