Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 82

IEN 212 Advanced Listening and Speaking 1 Prerequisite: IEN 105 The course builds students’ listening comprehen- sion and oral communication as well as social etiquette in social and group interaction. Students will practice skills for communication in real day-to-day situations such as making and responding to a request, stating an agreement or disagreement, giving an opinion and arguing with an idea. IEN 213 Advanced Reading and Writing 1 Prerequisite: IEN 103, IEN 104 This course will develop the core transferable skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing. The students will read various types of texts extensively and intensively. Topics include identifying the main idea and supporting details, determining the author’s purpose and tone, identifying patterns of organization in a paragraph or passage, recog- nizing the relationships between sentences, and identifying and using context clues to determine the meanings of words. The course also allows the students to practice typical academic writing tasks such as paraphrasing and writing a summary. IEN 214 English Pronunciation Prerequisite: IEN 105 An intensive study of phonological systems and methods of pronunciation of British and American English; the class provides a practice in listening and pronouncing 80 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL English, including the use of phonetic symbols with the emphasis on problems encountered by Thai students. IEN 215 Advanced Listening and Speaking 2 Prerequisite: IEN 212 The practice of advanced listening and speaking skills focusing on students’ critical thinking skills. Students will practice predicting, identifying main ideas and details, expressing opinions on various topics such as current global issues or controversial issues. IEN 216 Advanced Reading and Writing 2 Prerequisite: IEN 213 Students will explore different genres of academic writing and how these reflect different rhetorical purposes. The course also promotes the students’ ability to utilize various methods of development, namely, cause-effect, classification, and comparison-contrast, in the writing of advanced rhetoric like analysis, evaluation, and argumenta- tion or persuasion. IEN 222 English for Business Oral Communication Prerequisite: IEN 105 This course enhances the students’ general business conversation skills with practice in responding appropriately to others and taking part in informal discus- sions and exchanges. Case studies will be used to introduce business concepts and vocabulary for analysis and