Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 79

B ACHELOR OF A RTS (B.A.) IN B USINESS E NGLISH English has become the major language of international communication. This program uses modern techniques in a stimulating atmosphere and at our international College you will meet with students from over 50 different countries. The focus is on acquiring international communication skills that suit professional careers that use English as the primary language. You will gain competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking and research skills applied indifferent business cultures and contexts. English is spoken by over 780 million people around the world and is the main language for the interna- tional business community. The aim of the program is to teach English using modern techniques in a stimulation atmosphere. More specifically, the program enables students to gain optimum proficiency in the English language and research skills necessary to embark on a profession career using English. The classes are intensive, comprehensive, and with practical applications of English in everyday situations and business settings. Emphasis is placed on attaining an level of competency in reading, writing, grammar, listening, pronunciation, and research skills in different business cultures. Career Opportunities Career Opportunities can be found in the fields of business, media/ communication, finance, international trade, government, and education. Students can gain the potential to become a broadcaster, advertising executive, writer, translator and more. Bachelor of Arts Business English Major Degree Plan Total Number of Credits General Education Professional Education Core Courses Major Requirements Major Electives Free Electives 33 credits 27 credits 30 credits Total 33 credits 90 credits 6 credits 129 credits List of Courses General Education (33 credits) A minimum of 33 credit hours is required. Student must enroll the courses in the area of Humanities and Language, Social Sciences, and Mathematics and Science in order to fulfill the requirements. Humanities and Language IEN 103 IEN 104 IEN 105 ILB 100 ILB 108 ILB 113 Critical Reading College Writing Communicative English Study Skills Critical and Creative Thinking Art Appreciation (14 credits) 3 3 3 1 3 1 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 77