Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 74

goods and services of mass media. Emphasis is placed on media literacy and professional ethics of both public and community media. ICA 319 Publicity Design This course studies the creative and practical aspects of how to design messages for publicity purposes. Stress is placed on the art direction of publicity messages. Students will examine the typography, layout, and design of print and electronic media through the design flow for electronic and new media system. It emphasizes media for publicity purposes. The course includes the creation of publicity materials. ICA 329 Communication and Development This course examines the development, structure, and roles of communication and mass communication systems in social well-being, urbanization, and nation-building to support the national plan in socioeconomic, political, educational, and public health progress. The class also explores the effects, uses and functions, roles, responsibili- ties and ethics associated with the use of mass media in evelopment. ICA 333 Speaking in Mediated Contexts Prerequisite: ICA 211 This is a practical course on the principles of spoken mediated communication. Students will obtain practice in reading broadcast news, being an MC, running press conferences, etc. 72 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ICA 335 Event Planning Management This is a practical course where students will use the techniques and processes of event planning, designing, coordinating, promoting, and evaluating of events are emphasized. Also discussed are types of ways of connecting events to communication goals. ICA 337 Brand Communication This course introduces students to the theories and techniques used in integrated branding communication in various settings. Students will examine how to build brands and how to do brand positioning, as well as rebranding and refreshing brands. Students will also explore how to use a communication plan to accomplish the goals of branding activities. ICA 338 Training and Development This course provides students with an opportunity to learn how to design communication training and develop- ment programs beginning with the needs assessment and continuing through to the evaluation phase. Adult learning theory, connecting training to goals, and making use of information technology tools for training purposes are also emphasized. Actual skills in helping others improve their communication ability are developed through practice. ICA 339 Digital This course studies the process of digital media and its impact on society and culture. Emphasis is place on the characteristics and requirements of digital media for various uses relating to trust, credibility and accountability.