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announcements, press releases, broadcast news segment, advertisements, etc. Emphasis is on clear writing and correct format of media pieces. ethics in the communication field. Case studies are used to help students grapple with course content. ICA 312 Images and Reputation Management This course promotes leadership development through the study of leadership theory and practical applica- tion. The course focuses on building leadership competen- cies in multicultural environments. Mentoring, problem- solving, and influence strategies are practiced to bring about community and organizational change. This course investigates the concepts and theories related to image and reputation management. Emphasis is on the application of image and reputation management in building credibility for and loyalty towards organizations. Students will also analysis situational factors affecting image and reputation management. ICA 321 Media Planning and Buying This course studies the strategy, techniques, and problems of planning and buying media. Students will learn to use syndicated sources of media information. ICA 322 Message Analysis This course examines the classical and contempo- rary models for analysis of messages. The course discusses the techniques applicable to a variety of basic message types in modern contexts. Students will obtain practice in message analysis. Students will learn to use media and information literacy for their written analysis. ICA 326 Communication Laws, Ethics and Professionalism This course examines laws, ethics and professioalism as they relate to the field of communication. Emphasis is placed on the study of judicial and legal regulation of media and commercial speech as well as professional codes of ICA 411 Leadership Communication ICA 421 Communication and Campaigning Prerequisite: ICA 221 This course studies the theories, practices, and strategies of persuasion, planning, and management in campaign situations such as political, religious, informational, fundraising, advertising, etc. Students may participate in local, national, or international campaigns, or do an in-depth research paper. ICA 429 Seminar in Communication This course provides students with the opportunity to critically examine current theories, research and issues in communication through discussions with industry leaders. Major Electives ICA 316 Media and Society The course examines the interrelationship between mass media and society. Students will examine the uses, functions, roles, and responsibilities associated with the BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 71