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ICA 335 ICA 337 ICA 338 ICA 339 ICA 413 ICA 423 ICA 427 * ICA 430 ICA 445 ICA 490 * ICO 301 Event Planning and Management Brand Communication Training and Development Digital Media Issues and Crisis Management Advanced Writing for Communication Professions Special Topics in Communication Cooperative Education Practicum in Communication Independent Study Pre-Cooperative Education Free Electives 3 3 3 3 3 3 includes not only issues of nationalities, ethnicity, and race, but also gender, socioeconomic status, religion, age, etc. Through the use of co-cultural, cross-cultural, and intercul- tural examples, students will explore how communication is a key component of bringing cultural differences. 3 3 3 3 3 This course introduces students to different types of mass media, including print, broadcast, electronic and other modern forms of mass media. Students will examine the role, structure, process, impacts, effects, and ethics of mass media in modern society. (6 credits) Free Electives includes all other courses offered by Bangkok University International or those approved by BU International Policy Committee. Communication Arts Courses: ICA 111 Introductions to Communication ICA 121 Introduction to Mass Media ICA 211 Effective Public Speaking This course is a practical course in the principles of public speaking. Its emphasis is on the message organi- zation, reasoning with evidence, and delivery skills. The basic principles are creativity applied in a variety of formal and informal public speaking situations. This course introduces students to communication as a process and its applications in various modern contexts such as interperson l, group, organizational and mass communication. The course will focus on understanding the principles underlying communication in modern contexts. Students will be asked to explore, question, and understand- ing the world through communication. ICA 215 Communication Planning and Management ICA 120 Intercultural Communication This course examines the modern process of communication in changing human thinking beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Students will explore the persuasiveness of This course explores the role of communication in understanding, accepting, and appreciating cultural differ- ences. Students in this course will understand that culture This course introduces students to the principles and processes of systematic communication planning and evaluation from a communication theory and research perspective. Students will leave this class having created a communication plan. ICA 221 Communication and Persuasion BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 69