Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 69

B ACHELOR OF A RTS (B.A.) IN C OMMUNICATION A RTS This program is designed to prepare you in such as politics, public services and administration, public meeting challenges and demands in this ever changing relations, sales, advertising and marketing. field of communication by providing you with a broad range of communication skills. The focus is on theory and practice from interpersonal communication in small group settings, to mass communication in the macro- cosmic social context. The program is committed to developing excellent writing and presentation skills in students. Drawing upon a heritage of excellence and advancement in the field of communication arts, we will aim to prepare students to meet the new challenges and demands in the fast changing communication world. It provides students with a broad range of communication related skills. The curriculum emphasized both theory and group environment, to a specialization on mass communi- cation in a macrocosmic social contexts. The program also provides students with the opportunity to develop practical writing and presentation skills, which are a primary qualification of communication professionals. A wide range of comprehensive courses are offered to ensure a strong educational background. Interesting projects and training programs that reflect new trends in communication and media technologies are added to help the students reach their full potential. Career Opportunities Know that the study of human communications is the essential foundation of all disciplines. The program gives graduates the required level of readiness for success in the highly competitive job markets of communi- cation and media-related fields. The graduates can work in a variety of media and communication related careers Bachelor of Arts Communication Arts Major Degree Plan Total Number of Credits General Education Professional Education Core Courses Major Requirements Major Electives Free Electives 30 credits 30 credits 30 credits Total 33 credits 90 credits 6 credits 129 credits List of Courses General Education A minimum of 33 credit hours is required. Student must enroll in the courses in Humanities and Languages, Social Sciences, and Mathematics and Science in order to fulfill the requirements. Humanities and Language IEN 103 IEN 104 IEN 105 ILB 100 ILB 108 ILB 113 Critical Reading College Writing Communicative English Studies Skill Critical and Creative Thinking Art Appreciation (14 credits) 3 3 3 1 3 1 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 67