Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 62

IMK 329 Marketing Channels (3 credits) IMK 330 Retail Management (3 credits) Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval This course aims to study present-day marketing channels, distribution and services, like distribution from production place to consumers, distribution using single or many middlemen, distribution by using electronic media, transportation and logistics for basic marketing, and different characteristics of distribution channels, such as online distribution. Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval A study of retail in different forms such as small shops, vending machines, online websites, convenience stores, department stores, and modern trades. Topics studied include marketing techniques for retail through buyers’ emotional stimulus, using marketing media for retail commerce, retail by customer participation, and retail problems. IMK 331 Strategic Marketing in Social Enterprise (3 credits) Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval The fundamental concepts in strategic marketing for social enterprise and the definition of various strategies from organization to organization are emphasized. Students realize the importance of the social effects of entrepreneurs. Students are able to use knowledge, skills, and mindset to demonstrate marketing strategies that support enterprise and; contribute to a better society; and way of living. 60 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL IMK 333 Export-Import Management (3 credits) IMK 335 Promotion Management (3 credits) IMK 336 Electronic Marketing (3 credits) Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval This course covers the knowledge, skills and insights needed to manage imports and exports either in a trading company or in the export and import department of any company. The course includes an overview of export import businesses, including types of export and import businesses, export and import business models, export import documentation, incoterms, sales contracts, export import laws and regulations, export import cost structure, export import payments, letter of credit, export import financing, international transportation, marine cargo insurance, customs formalities for export and import, non-tariff trade barriers, export import privileges. The courses will also include problem solving questions and answers and also case studies and lectures. Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval This course covers promotion management and forms of promotion such as sales promotion, publicity, discounting, and couponing. Students will study budgeting and allocation for marketing promotion and processes for business, including evaluating promotion that has been used, such as evaluation of sales promotion and rewards that have been implemented. Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval This course is mainly focused on the study of electronic commerce, the influence of electronic commerce, and the characteristics and importance of electronic