Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 61

IMK 340 IMK 422 IMK 424 IMK 430 IMK 490 ICO 301 Customer Relationship Management Special Topics in Marketing International Marketing Cooperative Education Independent Study Pre-Cooperative Education 3 3 3 6 3 3 Free Electives (6 credits) Courses: Marketing IMK 212 Principles of Marketing (3 credits) Free Electives includes all other courses offered by Bangkok University International or those approved by BU International Policy Committee. Pre-requisite: IMG 101 or Dean’s Approval A study of core basic principles in the marketing field, such as analyzing marketing environment, understanding consumer behavior, defining target market group, designing customer value-driven strategy, implementing the marketing mix (4P: product mix management, pricing strategies, distribution policies and integrated marketing communication system), and using societal marketing. IMK 321 Consumer Behavior (3 credits) Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval A study of consumer behavior in relation to decision making in buying a particular product or service, principles of consumer behavior analysis that concern an individual’s perception of problems and motivations, the decision-making process, theories of learning attitudes and goodwill, determinants of consumer behavior, the influence of socio-psychological structures such as personality, values, social groups, demographic variables, social class, and culture on the formation of consumers’ attitudes, the study of social influences like family groups and society, as well as cultural and traditional factors that affect consumer behavior. IMK 322 Product and Brand Management (3 credits) IMK 323 Sales Management (3 credits) Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval A study of product and brand management from developing new products, new services, product design, and new product management to market testing and market acceptance. Students will study new production management concepts such as environmentally-friendly product management, brand management for promotion objectives, and how to develop and create value in products/services for memorability. Other topic include how to promote value, the consumer, components in brand management (logos, slogans, event management) for brand building, tools selection for publicity, and brand advertising. Pre-requisite: IMK 212 or Dean’s Approval This course covers sales management starting from buyers need analysis, selecting the products to sell, sales management, using quota, sales segmentation, sales compensation as bonus, commission, international trips, and characteristics of sales leaders such as sales manager, developing sales team, and evaluating sales of salespeople. Additional topics include writing sales management plans, developing sales teams, sales techniques, and negotiation techniques. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 59