Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 54

Degree Pursuit Students who are qualified for a diploma can earn a bachelor’s degree by repeating the same course and obtaining grade “C.” Alternatively they may register in other courses with the prior approval of the Dean of Bangkok University International College . T h e y m u s t e a r n a G P A o f n o l e s s t h a n 2 . 0 0 w i t h i n the time limit. Requirements for Honors First-Class Honors* Students who fulfill all the requirements for graduation, within eight academic semesters, and have obtained a GPA of 3.50 or above, will be awarded first-class honors. Second-Class Honors Students who complete all the requirements for graduation within eight academic semesters, and obtain a GPA of 3.25 or above will be awarded second-class honors. Degree Conferment The Board of Trustees of the University meets six times a year to approve the awarding of degrees. Commencement is held annually on the date specified in the academic calendar. Remarks: Transfer students are not eligible for degree honors. Students who obtain “F” in any course are ineligible for the award. 52 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Tuition and Fees Students are required to pay for tuition and fees as listed below. 1. General Tuition Fees 1. Tuition Fees Baht 2,000 / credit 2. Tuition Fees for computer courses* Baht 3,000 / credit 2. Activity Fees Baht 11,900 / semester 3. Special Fees A. Laboratory Fees per semester 1. General Education Courses 1.1 Computer Laboratory Baht 1.2 Physical Education Facility Fee Baht 2. Business Administration Major 2.1 Computer Laboratory Baht 3. Communationation Arts Major 3.1 Computer Laboratory Baht 4. International Tourism Management Major 4.1 Computer Laboratory Baht 4.2 Lodging Business Laboratory Baht 4.3 Airline Business Laboratory Baht 4.4 Tourism Industry Laboratory Baht 4.5 MICE Laboratory Baht 4.6 Field Trip for Tourism Industry Baht 4.7 Spa and Golf Management Baht 4.8 Tourism and Cultural Field Trip Baht 4.9 In-flight Passenger Service Baht 1,000 / course 300 / course 1,000 / course 1,000 / course 1,000 / course 2,000 / course 2,000 / course 2,000 / course 2,000 / course 3,000 / course 3,000 / course 3,000 / course 4,000 / course