Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 51

C+ Fairly Good 2.50 C Fair 2.00 D+ Poor 1.50 D Very Poor 1.00 F Failure 0.00 Other letter symbols used include: W indicates withdrawal S indicates satisfactory work completed I indicates incomplete, used in case a student fails to complete the assignment within the specified time limitation. An “I” grade must be changed to a completed grade within three weeks after the grade is announced. Otherwise, the grade will automatically become an “F”. U indicates unsatisfactory (the particular course must be repeated to attain grade “S”). NC indicates non-credit registration (the student is granted special permission to attend class with no credits earned). Grade Point Average Computation Both the grade report and the transcript indicate the academic record for each semester. The grade point average is computed by dividing the total number or grade points by the total number of credits attempted. All failures will be recorded on the student’s permanent record and wil be used in calculating t h e c u m u l a t i v e g r a d e p o i n t a v e r a g e . T h e f o l l o w i n g d i a g r a m illustrates the GPA computation. Credits Attempted Grade Earned Grade Points 4 x B = 3 12 3 x A = 4 12 2 x C = 2 4 3 x F = 0 0 1 x B = 3 3 31 Grade Points = 2.38 GPA 13 Credits Attempted Attendance Students are expected to attend classes regularly since their attendance will be checked and recorded in every class period. Absence of no less than 20% of the total class time w i l l b e t o l e r a t e d . I n c a s e o f a i l m e n t s , s t u d e n t s m u s t s u b m i t a doctor’s certificate to the instructor for verification. Students ignoring the rules and processes will not be permitted to sit for the final examination in that particular course and will have to repeat the course. Plagiarism Policy The University has a strict policy laid down to stress the paramount need for discipline while in the quest for knowledge. Any student found deliberately violating the set regulations will have more than 20 points deducted from his/her credit. This may result in disqualification from the examination. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 49