Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 50

4. Students who cannot register for courses within the pre-registration period by themselves are advised to authorize a guardian or a friend to register at the Records Office on their behalf during the pre-registration period. 5. Students who fail to register during the pre-registration period can seek an approval from the Dean of BU International for late registration within the first week of each semester. However, late registration is subject to the availability of courses. 6. Probationary students must receive an approval from a counselor at the Counseling Department prior t o registration. 7. Students who do not want to register in the first or second semester must apply for an academic leave or their student status will be terminated. Withdrawal Students who withdraw some of their courses within the first 13 weeks of each semester or before the final examination of the summer session, will have the letter “W” recorded in the transcript. Refund Policy Students who officially drop a course after registration may obtain a refund based on the following conditions: 100% Refund if the University cancels the course 40% Refund if the student withdraws within the first week of the semester or within the first week of the summer session Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawal Policies Time Limitation Adding Students must complete the degree program within eight academic years, but not less than three academic years from the date of initial enrollment. Students are required to complete the adding procedure within the first week of each semester. Students must seek approval from their academic advi- sors prior to registration. Dropping Students may officially drop some of their courses within the first week of the two regular semesters and the summer session. The letter “W,” the symbol of withdrawal, will then not be recorded in the transcript. 48 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Evaluation Grades used in reporting a student’s academic standing are assigned as follows: Grade Achievement Quality Points A Excellent 4.00 B+ Very Good 3.50 B Good 3.00