Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 49

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES Academic System Readmission Requirements Bangkok University offers classes to students with two major semesters (14 weeks each) and one summer session (five weeks for day students, and eight weeks for evening students) per academic year. The summer session for day students is optional. It is normally offered to students who wish to repeat their failed courses in regular programs, or to those who fail to take courses offered only in a certain semester as indicated in the study plan of their major. Former students seeking readmission to Bangkok University must have good academic and conduct records and contact the University one month before the upcoming academic year. They must not have left the University for a period longer than five years. Readmission of Students Any student who withdraws or leaves before the c o m p l e t i o n o f t h e c o u r s e o f s t u d y m a y b e r e a d m i t t e d b y notifying the Records Office before the opening of the new academic year. Students have to give their grounds for readmission to the Director of the Records Office for approval. Readmitted students must complete the University’s current curriculum. The previously earned credits will be evaluated only on those relevant or applicable to the credits of the practical courses. Further readjustment to the present curriculum will be considered by the Dean of Bangkok University International College or Vice President for Bangkok University International College. Classification of Students Students are classified on the basis of the number of credits completed as shown below: Classification Credits attained Freshmen 0-33 Sophomores 34-66 Juniors 67-99 Seniors 100 or above Course Registration and Course Load 1. Students are obliged to register within the pre- registration period and pay for tuition and fees before the dead- line indicated on the registration receipt. 2. Registration in a course with pre-requisite requirements must meet the requirements, otherwise the registration will be cancelled. 3. Students may register for up to 22 credits, but not less than 12 credits in the first and second semesters. For summer term, students may register for up to 9 credits. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 47