Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 44

In addition, there are also student activity organizations under each academic school and college as follows: School Activities School of Accounting School of Business Administration School of Communication Arts School of Humanities and Tourism Management School of Law School of Economics and Investment School of Information Technology and Innovation School of Fine and Applied Arts School of Engineering School of Architceture School of Entrepreneurship and Management School of Digital Media and Cinematic Arts Bangkok University International Bangkok University Chinese International Several student clubs and organization projects also reach out to the society in terms of innovations, contributions, or even entertainment. Charity Play The charity play is an annual play, since 1988, orga- nized by the student committee of the School of Communica- tion Arts. Performers and staff are recruited from the students of this school. The aim of the charity play is to provide the students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the performing arts. Part of the proceeds goes to charity. 42 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Public Legal Counseling Students in the School of Law have an office on City Campus to offer legal consultation to the community without any charge. The advantages are for the students to practice law and serve the people and for the public to have access to free legal assistance in the neighborhood. To ensure quality consultancy, law faculty experts closely supervise the students’ counseling service. Student Development For personal development and career advancement, the University organizes a seminar each year to train student leaders in leadership skills and the spirit of teamwork. Alumni Association The Alumni Association has operated officially since August 26, 1974. The main purpose of the association is to enable former students to remain in contact with the University and to further nurture the friendships of their years at social activities throughout the year.