Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 42

Students who have attended a part of the military train- ing prior to entering the University can complete the course during their enrollment. Those who complete the ROTC course are exempted from compulsory military training required by the government. together with Student Union observe rigid control over the contracted food vendors to guarantee the quality of meals on campus. Students and visitors to Rangsit Campus may choose to dine in a modernly designed and lively atmosphere of BU Restaurant and Cafe , where bakery, beverage and international luncheon are served on weekdays by students of the Hotel Management Department. / Accident Insurance For the best cost-effective benefits, the University provides students with accident insurance with 24-hour cover- age and a low-premium policy. The insurance covers injuries, disabilities and death. Health insurance is also available. Medical Services T h e U n i v e r s i t y C l i n i c o n e a c h c a m p u s h a s f u l l - t i m e doctors and nurses ready at all times to attend to minor and intermediate cases. Medicines are available by prescription. Those cases that require hospital consultancy will be referred to one of the contracted hospitals in town at the University’s expense. Should there be an emergency occurring to students while representing the University in any circumstance, all the medical expenses will be borne by the University. Dining on Campus The University has one larger cafeteria on City Campus and three at Rangsit Campus. The BU Cafeteria is newly opened at the BU Landmark Complex. The cafeterias offer a wide selection of food of good standard as well as good hygiene. The Department of Student Welfare and Services 40 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Recreational Facilities Fitness Center & Gymnasium Bangkok University has long been active in promoting sports and health consciousness among its students, faculty and staff. As a result, Bangkok University dedicates a whole floor connected to its main office building on City Campus to an indoor fitness center and a gymnasium. Rangsit Campus has, apart from an indoor fitness center, a full-scale outdoor football field, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and tennis courts, as well as a fitness park where one can enjoy working out on the green. The University’s sports facilities are also often used as the venues of regular intramural and intercollegiate competitions. Bangkok University Gallery Art is a part of life and students, faculty, staff and visitors are welcome to visit the ever-changing exhibitions at Bangkok University Gallery.