Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 34

University Motto: Knowledge with Virtue Every university has the responsibility to help students acquire knowledge. However, Bangkok University believes that education should be more than providing knowledge. Know - ledge with virtue means blending knowledge with righteousness. Combining knowledge with virtue requires reflection to see how we fit into society and how we can make that society better. Mission Statement Bangkok University has the aim to produce the graduates with outstanding academic and practical prowess. With creativity, vision, and flexibility, students will be able to pursue their careers confidently in this highly competitive and fast-changing world. The University serves as an academic center where academicians, experts and researchers meet, e n c o u r a g i n g e d u c a t i o n a l d e v e l o p m e n t a n d e x c h a n g e o f knowledge, nationally and internationally, leading to a greater service to society that underlines our theme “Advanced Know- ledge and Expertise.” List of Faculty Members Entrepreneurship and Marketing Major Dr. Vilasinee Bunyasrie • Ph.D. (Economics), University of Hawaii at Monoa, U.S.A. • M.A. (International Economics), Chu lalongkorn University, Thailand 32 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL • B. Econ. (Monetary Economics and Public Finance), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Antti Nyrhinen • Fidelio/Front Office Training, Thai Amadeus Southeast Asia, Thailand • M.B.A. (Business Administration), (Gold Medal Honors), Bangkok University, Thailand • B.B.A. (Marketing), Bangkok University, Thailand Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Pfahl • Ph.D. (Relating & Organizing and Rhetoric & Public Culture), Ohio University, U.S.A. • M.A. (Relating & Organizing), Ohio University, U.S.A. • M.B.A. (Management), University of Toledo, U.S.A. • B.B.A. (International Business and Marketing), Ohio University, U.S.A. Ms. Punprapa Sripusitto • M.A. (International Marketing Management), Bournemouth University, U.K. • B.A. (Business English), Assumption University, Thailand Ya Huei Wang • M.B.A. (International Business), Deakin University, Australia • B.B.A. China University of Technology, Taiwan