Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 182

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IIT 202 Introduction to Technology and Innovation (3 credits) A study of the concept and apply new technology, innovations, and social media to develop the quality of life in the new world. This course emphasizes on the effects of living and society and intellectual property. LAW ILA 101 Jurisprudence (3 credits) formation of contracts and obligations. (3 credits) A study of business law in general, including topics like types of business like partnerships, sole proprietorships, and companies; laws applying to people within in the business, using checks, financial instruments, guaranteeing, pawing, mortgaging; a basic knowledge of business law and acts like maturity, inheritance, contracts, acquiring and losing rights. ILA 301 Taxation (3 credits) This course covers taxation management and types of taxes related to business like excise tax, value-added tax, purchase tax, and property tax, as well as personal taxes, tax deductibles for legal persons and individuals, and general problems of tax and taxation for legal persons and individuals. 180 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL (1 credits) The development of study skills in higher education, in terms of time-management, note-taking, reading-skills, report writing and library usage. ILB 101 General Psychology A study of the origins and nature of law, the classification of law, the use and abolition of law, the principles of law ILA 102 Business Law LIBERAL ARTS ILB 100 Study Skills (3 credits) To introduce students to the fundamental knowledge of human behavior and nature; a disciplinary study of the development of the various branches of psychology; fundamental physiology relating to psychological growth and development; motivation and emotion; perception, learning, attitude, personality development and human relations. ILB 107 Ethics (3 credits) ILB 108 Critical and Creative Thinking (3 credits) A study of metaphysical and ethical backgrounds, idealism, materialism, naturalism, existentialism, ideal aims of life, and ethical standards. The practice of solving current ethical issues, and the social responsibilities of individuals are included. A study of logical thinking, process of reasoning, the structure of deductive and inductive arguments, syllogism, enthymeme, basic symbolic logic, induction by enumeration, critical analysis of arguments found in daily life. Theories of creative thinking are included. The development techniques of factors and activities related to creative thinking are focused upon.