Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 178

IBH 101 Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia I (3 credits) IFN 101 Finnish Language and Culture I (3 credits) IBH 102 Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia II (3 credits) IFN 102 Finnish Language and Culture II (3 credits) ICN 101 Chinese I (3 credits) IFR 101 French I (3 credits) IFR 102 French II (3 credits) ICN 102 Chinese II (3 credits) Prerequisite: ICN 102 or Dean’s Approval This course develops further skills in speaking and writing. The 500 Chinese characters used in daily life will be covered. Prerequisite: IFR 101 or Dean’s Approval This course focuses on the proper use of the French language structure in grammar, vocabulary, idiom and writing, listening, speaking and reading for communication. ICN 202 Introduction to Chinese Writing (3 credits) IFR 201 French III (3 credits) An introduction to Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia language with the emphasis on comprehension of the language and appreciation of the Malay/Indonesian culture, leading to the ability to function effectively at a basic level. Prerequisite: IBH 101 A continuation of IBH101 whereby students study the language and culture and practice intermediate listening, speaking, reading and writing. A study of the fundamental Mandarin Chinese structure, sound systems and the basic 300 characters used in counting numbers, greeting, reserving accommodation, traveling abroad, exchanging money and ordering food. Prerequisite: ICN 102 or Dean’s Approval A study and practice of Chinese composition. Examples of good essays will be studied. Students should be able to write a 200-300 word, grammatically correct composition using the right Chinese characters. 176 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL An introduction to the Finnish language with the emphasis on comprehension of the s