Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 174

as main catalysts for community development through campaigns and activities. In addition, students learn about the broadcast media roles in association with the nation’s progress. CAI 552 Sports Broadcasting (3 credits) This course aims to present how to produce sports programs on television. Students start from analyzing the target groups, writing scripts, to produce a show pilot. They, finally, understand all processes of sports broadcasting production; pre-production, production, and post production. CAI 553 Lighting Design For Television (3 credits) This course aims to present the ways to design the light in television broadcasting for both indoor and outdoor location. They know how to properly design the light on different TV genres, such as newscast, variety show, and TV drama, etc. CAI 554 Voice Work in Broadcasting (3 credits) This course aims to present voice technique and correct pronunciation for broadcast media. Students perform voice over for various purposes, such as TV shows, live reports, interviews, movies or even cartoons, etc. CAI 555 Music in Contemporary Mass Media (3 credits) This course aims to learn about the role and trend of music in contemporary mass media. Students understand the music genres and apply them to mass media in different contexts, such as radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, movie, video presentation, documentary, and so forth. 172 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL CAI 556 Independent Study (3 credits) CAI 557 Development Communication (3 credits) CAI 558 Mass Media and Peace Studies (3 credits) CAI 559 Genders and Popular Culture (3 credits) This course aims to open a freedom area on researching what students are really passion about. The topic inevitably relates to communication arts. The students do the research paper and are given consulting from the instructor. This course aims to learn about the development communication roles toward individual, community, society, and nation. Students understand the obstacles of develop- ment communication and know the solutions. In addition, the students learn about the national communication policy and analyze it with the development of individual, community, society, economy, and politics. Besides, the students can IMIng the communication to effectively develop the nation. This course aims to present the ways to create peace in every social levels by means of communication and mass media. Students can make peace with social contro- versies and use communication as a tool to support peace in the society. This course aims to present how genders are impor- tant in pop cultural media. Students learn about history and evolution of presenting genders in pop cultural media, such as movie, drama, song, novel, written article, etc. The students obtain a lot of interesting case studies to understand the connection between societies and genders.