Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 172

IMI 312 Digital Cinematography (3 credits) IMI 313 Audio Production (3 credits) Students learn how to operate such digital cinema cameras, both theoretically and practically. Furthermore, they learn about the fundamental of light settings, visual arts and composition, camera tools, as well as the practice of cinematography, shooting on location in particular. This course aims to leads students to the realm of sound and music. The main objective is to instruct about how to design and select sounds to create innovative media as well as broadcast media. Students learn how to edit and create such sounds on Pro Tools software or likewise. Besides, students understand the music genres and cultural sounds which both really matter to audiences’ perceptions. IMI 314 Editing (3 credits) This course aims to provide students with an understanding to the aesthetic and principle of editing. Students will learn about the development of concepts and techniques of editing to create a meaningful storytelling. Students learn about the post-production workflow and how to use professional editing softwares such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere as well as color correction and color grading. IMI 315 Directing (3 credits) This course aims to leads students through the directing process; from the script analysis and preperation, directing actor, casting, and rehearsal. The main purposes are to create the powerful performances and memorable characterizations. 170 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL IMI 316 Color Grading and Visual Effect (3 credits) IMI 331 Short-form and New Media Production (3 credits) IMI 332 Infotainment Production (3 credits) This course covers computer-generated skills. Students learn about the color theory and color correction softwares. Students learn about effects creation, motion control and tracking, film and lighting effects, stabilization, motion capture and rotoscoping. Besides, basic 3D motion graphic creation is given in this course. Prerequisite: Passed IMI 203 This course aims to study and practice in both broadcast and new media short-form formats, e.g., spot, public service announcement, music video, corporate video, viral clip, teaser, and filler. The course emphasizes idea formulation, synthesis, scripting, and creative style of presen- tation which are in line with sponsors satisfaction and station expectation. Prerequisite: Passed IMI 203 This course aims at exposing students to a wide variety of infotainment TV programs, e.g, variety show, magazine-on-TV, docudrama, reality show, game show, and quiz show. Students are assigned to develop infotainment program concept, pitch and present a proposal, write the script, devise a production timeline, and produce infotain- ment shows. Emphasis is placed upon creativity, audience interest, production quality, sponsorship, budget management, and societal values.