Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 167

B ACHELOR OF C OMMUNICATION A RTS ( B . C om. A rts.) IN I NNOVATIVE M EDIA P RODUCTION * The degree of Innovative Media Production aims to form the best future media and content producers in the country. With a particular emphasis in multi-platform media production that encompasses both traditional media produc- tion for TV and Radio with New Media outlets such as social media channels, blogs and YouTube, this program is ideal for people looking to transform their creativity, versatility and innovative approach to what the media of the future should look like. The four-years degree blends theoretical knowl- edge with hands-on practical experiences that upon comple- tion will provide the students with a strong portfolio including documentary film, Viral clips, TV commercial, Music Videos and TV Dramas. The curriculum has been designed to provide students with all the knowledge to become the future media entrepreneurs that will influence the media landscape. The Innovative Media Production program will help students understand how to develop their ideas into sustainable media businesses in order to be able to either run their own media production companies or join the industry-leading companies in Thailand or abroad. Career Opportunities Program Director, Radio Program Producer, Television Program Producer, Script Writer, Stage Director, Broadcast Announcer, Radio Host, Television Host, Broadcast Production Designer, Television Graphic Designer, Broadcast News Reporter, Broadcast Entrepreneur, Documentary Filmmaker, TV Advertising Director * This program will start in 2018. Bachelor of Communication Arts in Innovative Media Production Total Number of Credits General Education English Language Courses Requirement Courses Elective Courses Professional Education Core Courses Major Requirements Free Electives 9 credits 15 credits 6 credits 36 credits 60 credits Total 30 credits 96 credits 6 credits 132 credits List of Courses General Education (30 credits) English Language (9 credits) EN 001 English for Everyday Communication EN 002 English for Social Communication EN 003 English for Global Communication Compulsory General Education IGE 001 IGE 002 IGE 003 IGE 004 (15 credits) Thinking Skills for Learning Citizenship and Social Dynamics Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset Technology and Innovation in the Future World IGE 005 Creative Leadership Skills BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 165