Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 161

portions as well as learning how to add value to food products and operate a business through both theoretical and practical lessons. CDI 343 Confectionery Art (3 Credits) CDI 405 The Art of Flower Craft (3 Credits) Free Electives CDI 401 Modern Cooking Techniques (6 Credits) (3 Credits) Learn the principles of molecular cooking and hands on learning in the innovative techniques. Both theoretical and practical learning methods will be emphasized. A study of the history, values and patterns of Thai flower and leaf arrangement in traditional and contemporary styles through fine arts such as needlework, flower selection and preparation, equipment usage and maintenance, cost calculation for pricing, package design, and value adding. CDI 402 Vegetable and Fruit Carving (3 Credits) CDI 406 Basic Flower Arrangement (3 Credits) CDI 407 Advanced Flower Arrangement (3 Credits) A study of confectionery including raw material, equipment and appliances for creating and designing confections. The course aims to introduce students to techniques and methods of food carving, especially of vegetables and fruit. Students learn how to prepare materials and gain hands-on knowledge of equipment, as well as the application of art in food carving. Theoretical and practical study allows students to employ the skills and knowledge obtained from class to real-life dish decorations. CDI 403 Entrepreneurship in Party Food Business (3 Credits) This course features food and beverage for parties, menu design, production volume estimation, cost analysis for pricing, food and beverage preparation techniques for different party themes as well as business development skills through both theoretical and practical lessons. CDI 404 Entrepreneurship in Commercial Street Food Business (3 Credits) The study of theories, components, principles and basic knowledge of flower arrangement, characteristics, mainte