Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 160

CDI 334 Cake and Gateaux Items (3 Credits) The study of the history, elements and techniques for the assembly and production of cake and gateaux items. Students will learn both classic French recipes and contem- porary items, starting from preparing ingredients, producing and assembling the items, storing techniques and serving presentation. CDI 335 Restaurant Desserts (3 Credits) The study of concepts, creation and item selection for the dessert menu. Students will acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in the production and presentation of restaurant desserts, starting from preparing ingredients, producing the desserts, storing and serving presentation. Basic wine and beverage pairings will be discussed. CDI 336 Basic Thai Desserts (3 Credits) This course will explore the history and characteris- tics of Thai desserts. Combining theory and practice, students will learn the essential ingredients, equipment and tools, basic preparation and specific techniques. CDI 337 Authentic Thai Desserts (3 Credits) Students will study knowledge, skills and techniques of making Thai desserts with authentic recipes. Traditional Thai desserts will be covered with an overview of how cooking has evolved throughout time. • Food Design and Decoration Electives CDI 338 Food Styling (3 Credits) This course features methods and techniques of food styling in different cultural context, application of various 158 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL edible and inedible materials for food and dining table garnish, food photography techniques, communication through photos, photo editing and retouching through both theoretical and practical lessons. CDI 339 Plating Design (3 Credits) CDI 340 Product Display Design for Food and Beverages (3 Credits) CDI 341 The Art of Cake Decoration (3 Credits) CDI 342 Chocolate Products and Decorations (3 Credits) This course features the principles and essential elements of food and dessert plating such as color balance, container shapes as well as nutrition focusing on both theoretical and practical lessons. This course features the principles and techniques of food and beverage product display design aiming to promote sales, focusing on appropriate consumer behavior, location and types of business that affect design concepts and communication and designing product displays that are suitable for product distribution. A study of cake decoration in contemporary style, raw material, equipment and appliances focusing on both theory and practice. The study of various chocolate products as well as show pieces and centerpieces made from chocolate. Starting from the types of chocolate used in the bake shop, their characteristics, the tempering techniques to the decoration design, students will develop their artistic talents throughout the course.