Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 153

B ACHELOR OF A RTS ( B.A. ) IN C ULINARY A RTS AND D ESIGN * The Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Design is uniquely designed to harmonize the chef’s cooking skills with the designer’s artistic perceptions. It prepares students with essential cooking and design knowledge and skills through modern learning facilities with qualified and experienced faculty. Students will acquire both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for the food industry and learn how to creatively integrate cooking and design competency. The course is completed with internship work experience at some of the finest establishments worldwide. Career Opportunities - Restaurant owner - Food stylist/designer - Chef - Caterer - Food consultant - Cooking show host - Entrepreneur in food business - Cooking instructor Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Design Total Number of Credits General Education 30 Credits English Language Courses 9 Credits Requirement Courses 15 Credits Elective Courses 6 Credits * This program will start in 2018. Specialized Courses 87 Credits Core Courses 30 Credits Specialized Courses- Requirement 42 Credits Specialized Courses-Electives 15 Credits Free Electives 6 Credits Professional Internship 6 Credits Total Number of Credits 129 Credits List of Courses General Education English Language (30 credits) (9 credits) Compulsory General Education (15 credits) EN 001 English for Everyday Communication EN 002 English for Social Communication EN 003 English for Global Communication IGE 001 IGE 002 IGE 003 IGE 004 Thinking Skills for Learning Citizenship and Social Dynamics Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset Technology and Innovation in the Future World IGE 005 Creative Leadership Skills Elective General Education IGE 006 Asia and the Global Community IGE 007 Art of Life IGE 008 Health and Wellness for Life (9 credits) BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 151