Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 148

articles or books on the subject as well as how to speak in business situation regarding the matters. HRI 377 English for Event and Catering The course aims to introduce students to English vocabulary and dialogues useful in the context of the event and catering industry, focusing on the practice of communi- cative English skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing through role play and other communicative techniques. HRI 378 Reading and Writing English for Hotel and Restaurant The course provides practice for English reading and interpretation skills utilized in the hotel business, as well as English writing skills for form filling, note-taking, menu recipes and other forms of textual interaction. Free Elective (6 credits) Student can choose Free Elective subjects from the following list or other subjects offered by school of Humanities and Tourism Management or Bangkok University. HRI 354 Advanced Flower Arrangement Pre-requisite: HRI 371, or upon Dean’s approval The course aims to provide students with the theoretical and practical study of advanced flower arrange- ment. Content to be covered is flower arrangement for a variety of occasions, flower arrangement with various materials, and cost management. 146 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL HRI 355 Party Food A study of food and beverage for parties, menu design, production volume estimation, cost analysis for pricing, food and beverage preparation techniques regarding to themes. HRI 356 MICE Management A study of MICE theory related to events planning and management for individuals and organizations. Emphasis is on planning as well as a study of industry overview and trends in the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions business. HRI 357 The Art of Flower Craft A study of history, values and patterns of Thai flower and leaf arrangement in traditional and contemporary styles through fine arts such as needlework, flower selection and preparation, equipment usage and maintenance, cost calculation for pricing, package design, and value adding. HRI 381 Food Carving The course aims to introduce students to techniques and methods of food carving, especially vegetables and fruits. Students learn how to prepare materials and gain hands-on knowledge of equipment, as well as the application of art in food carving. Theoretical and practical study allow students to employ the skills and knowledge obtained from class to real-life dish decorations.