Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 146

the effect of new methods of marketing communication, communication evaluation and marketing campaigns. HRI 363 Catering Business Management Study of forms and management principles of catering as well as procedures for operating and planning on-site and off-site catering functions. Emphasis is on providing client contacts, dealing with problems and conflicts, exploring trends in the catering business. HRI 364 Menu Design and Planning This course covers theories and concepts for menu design and planning based on current and future trends in restaurant markets. This includes appropriate menu selection, menu layout design according to restaurant concept, menu pricing, nutritional considerations and menu variety. HRI 366 Innovation Strategies for Restaurant Business This course covers innovations principles, ideas, methods and relevant processes to develop and improve restaurant performance in order to achieve higher profitability and market share including innovation of product and services, marketing, process and organizational productivity. Food and Beverage Production Track HRI 331 Thai Cuisine and Thai Dessert A course in the characteristics of Thai food, the ingredients used in Thai cuisine and professional. Thai culinary techniques, combining theory and practice. HRI 332 Western Cuisine A course in the characteristics of western food, assorted ingredients in western cuisine and Western culinary techniques, combining theory and practice. HRI 333 Commercial Street Food This course is designed for popular street food for entrepreneurs in creative economy era, raw material origins, equipment and appliances, cost analysis and proportion including how to add value to product. HRI 334 Basic Patisserie This course covers the fundamental knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in the preparation of basic patisseries. The theoretical study of basic baking tools and equipment as well as ingredient functions and product identi- fication will be emphasized. Students will have the opportu- nity to produce cookies, cakes, muffin, tarts, basic custards and pastries. Basic frosting and decoration techniques are also included. HRI 335 Bartending Students will explore many types of beverages and mixed drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Focus is placed on the study of tools and equipment, mixing and serving techniques, and measures as applied to bartending. Through both theoretical and practical lessons, students will be able to create and prepare a variety of mixed drinks. HRI 336 Introduction to Wine This course introduces the geography and history of wine as well as the art of wine making and evaluation. 144 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL