Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 144

serving food and beverages, clearing and cleaning tables, and cleaning and storing equipment used in food and beverage services. HRI 222 Kitchen Operations and Management A course in the theory and practice of kitchen management, management structure and the tasks and responsibilities of kitchen staff. Study includes the design and layout of kitchen, menu planning, food and beverage cost and quality control, sanitary management and health and safety at work place. HRI 223 Restaurant Operations Study of the principles of restaurant management including both restaurant services and kitchen operations. The tasks and responsibilities of restaurant staff, service quality management, menu planning, menu controlling, food purchasing and receiving, storage and disbursement of raw materials, food production and maintenance of physical resources are all covered, with practice in a simulated restaurant. HRI 302 Entrepreneurship in International Hotel and Restaurant Businesses The course aims to cover all aspects of successful entrepreneurship and the process of starting a new business in the international hotel and restaurant businesses. It introduces the students to the role and principles of hotel and restaurant business operations. 142 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL HRI 303 Food and Beverage Cost Control This course covers the study of cost elements and cost management in restaurant businesses including budgeting, food & beverage and related resources, product storage and issue and operating statements for business analysis, process improvement and supplier selection. HRI 401 Sales and Marketing in Hotel and Restaurant Businesses The course introduces modern approaches to services marketing, the marketing of the hotel and restaurant business and the elements of the marketing mix (service, price, distribution and promotion) as applied to the business. The course also suggests a comprehensive strategy for this vital sector. HRI 407 Crisis Management in Hotel and Restaurant Businesses A study of business planning and management principles suitable for emergency situations that can occur in the hotel and restaurant businesses, focusing on minimizing the impact of disasters to the operations and services of the business in the industry. Special Interest Course (15 credits) Students can choose 1 track from following special interest tracks or choose 5 subjects from all the tracks.