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setting quality standards, understanding the concepts of customer’s value and evaluating customer satisfaction, dealing with customer complaints and gaining a better understanding of the problems associated with improving quality through case studies. HRI 402 Human Resource Management in Hotel and Restaurant Businesses This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the roles and functions of members of the human resources department in the hotel and restaurant business. The emphasis is placed on the modern day importance of human resources management and the new “corporate view” of the function, program design, recruitment and selection, training and development, Leadership skill, implementation and evaluation, employee counseling, discipline and termina- tion, equal employment, and labor relations. HRI 403 Strategic Planning and Development for Hotel and Restaurant Businesses The course will enhance students’ understanding of the strategic planning process and its application to the international hotel business. This course presents an overview of strategic management policymaking, digital marketing, and marketing plan implementation. HRI 405 Research for Hotel and Restaurant Industry A study of research methods and expected benefits of research for the hotel and restaurant industry, the devel- opment of research questions, setting of population, research design, sampling, developing tools required for collecting and recording data, statistics programming utilized in data analysis, and the presentation of data useful for a wide range of business development. Major Requirement (33 credits) HRI 121 Introduction to Culinary Operations A study of culinary fundamentals, equipment handling, basic knowledge of cooking materials and principles of selecting ingredients to meet standards of culinary sanitation where laboratory practice will parallel class work. HRI 201 Accounting and Financial Management for Hotel and Restaurant Businesses A study of basic accounting and finance. The theories and techniques as well as applicable knowledge in related software of finance and accounting cycles will grant appropriate plans, decisions and internal controls for management of international hotel and restaurant businesses. HRI 211 Front Office and Housekeeping Operations and Management A study of front office management, including department structure, roles and responsibilities, codes of conduct, reservations systems, greeting, guest registration, room allocation, telephone handling, information service management, customer relations and problem solving skills, as well as coordinating with other departments. HRI 221 Food and Beverage Operations and Management Study of the structure, tasks and responsibilities of food and beverage departments, types of food and beverages, events and banquet formats. The course includes practical food and beverage service skills, table setting, BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 141