Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 141

IGE 003 Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset In this course, students will study and develop important characteristics of entrepreneurial mindset, with an emphasis on a combination of creativity and entrepreneur- ship. Students will learn to develop their creativity, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, cultivate decision-making and leadership skills, be up-to-date with any changes and situations, and be able to work effectively as part of a team. Students, in this creative economy, will also learn about business best practice and ethics in order to become socially responsible entrepreneurs in accordance with the sufficiency economy philosophy. IGE 004 Technology and Innovation in the Future World In this course, students will explore relevant concepts related to the use of technology and innovation to enhance the quality of life in modern society. The course also covers information on the impacts of technology and innovation on life and society as well as how to utilize and protect relevant intellectual property rights related to technol- ogy and innovation. IGE 005 Creative Leadership Skills In this course, students will learn to develop creative leadership skills and qualities, effective leadership characteristics and good governance. Students should be able to apply the principles of creative problem-solving skills in their daily lives, which will enhance their opportunities to become successful leaders in their future endeavors. Elective General Education IGE 006 Asia and the Global Community (9 credits) In this course, students will explore the role and development of economics, politics, and socio-cultural relations and interconnectedness of countries in Asia that influence changes in the global community. IGE 007 Art of Life In this course, students will explore relevant theories and concepts of aesthetics related to life and society and learn to cultivate positive outlook and attitude and under- standing of different forms of taste and beauty, which will enhance their perception of diversity and enable them to appreciate art, music and literature. IGE 008 Health and Wellness for Life In this course, students will learn about the impor- tance of health and wellness, self- examination and health assessment of other people, how exercise can improve physical and mental health, how to manage and cope with stress and emotions. Other topics include food and drungs, complementary and alternative medicine, social harms and environmental impacts on health and wellness as well as emerging diseases. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 139