Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 131

ICM 336 Script and Storyboard This course will address the development of a short script from initial concept through script development and the specifics of script language. Methods of developing the short story are covered. Storyboards as a tool for production will also be addressed through course projects. ICM 343 Compositing Prerequisite: ICM 225 This course explores 3D modeling both for character and effect specifically for integration into live action sequences. Narrative concerns for character, and environ- ment effect are also covered as part of the project work. Students will generate work in 3D and composite in an off-line edit. ICM 345 Effects for Live Action Prerequisite: ICM 225 This course will explore the design and production of seamless natural effects on live action video. The produc- tion of content will utilize industry formats and engage proto- col for presentation techniques for pre-production. ICM 351 Package Design Prerequisite: ICM 217 This course will utilize graphic design solutions as a response to creative briefs developed for particular products. Multiple 2D formats are explored as creative solutions to packaging. Presentation techniques and concep- tual development are covered. ICM 354 Art Direction ICM 344 Montage Prerequisite: ICM 226 This course will provide students with the opportunity to produce media in advanced editing and video for longer effect sequences. Title design and execution for motion picture and commercial broadcast will also be covered in project work. Props, set-ups and tableau are utilized as content for editing for genre, mood and tone sequences. Students will address the design and production of the physical/ visual look, mood and tone of an animated and/ or filmed sequence. Both the theoretical and historical approaches to visual content of a narrative sequence will be explored. Presentation techniques of concept development will be covered. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 129