Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 130

ICM 326 Design for Advertising Prerequisite: ICM 217 This course will explore the parameters of media production in the service of commercial clients. Print and outdoor graphic composition for immediacy and message effect will be covered in project work. Also covered are aspects of motion graphic visual display interfaces for commercial effect. ICM 421 Senior Project Prerequisite: A minimum of 4 major requirements courses This course will explore how various aspects of media and tools come together into a fully realized major project. Pre-production, production, and post-production theme development and technical execution will be covered as a working process of the course. Collaboration in produc- tion will be a major component of the project work. ICM 324 Character Design Prerequisite: ICM 225 This course will utilize scripted creative briefs of characters and crowds to design, model and animate for a variety of narrative media. 128 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ICM 333 Digital Photography II Prerequisite: ICM 125 Advanced studio photography will focus on processes to produce original photographic images for media production. Props, set-ups and tableau are covered in projects which focus on content and message. Studio lighting is further explored as technique for genre, mood and tone. ICM 334 Ambient Audio for Narrative This course focuses on design and production of audio component tracks for video and motion graphics. Creating ambient audio tracks for narrative are covered. Students will also explore techniques for manipulation and adjustment of recorded dialog to achieve effect. ICM 335 Web Architecture Students will address architectural factors involved with generating a web space. Hierarchies of audience and participation will be covered in research of current models, templates and existing formats for web subscription and production. Design of visual identification and graphic environments will be addressed.