Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 129

ICM 226 Motion Graphics Prerequisite: ICM 124 This course explores motion graphics as time- based, visual narrative. Composition projects will address; title design for broadcast and cinema, character and story in a 2D format and foundation montage. ICM 227 Video I The Video I course projects will cover cameras and lenses in relation to studio light and scene and composition as narrative. Projects will also cover character and subjectivity of content. Off-line editing will be introduced in relation to establishing scene. ICM 228 Media Communication This course will address the composition of media projects from conception through completion for audience. Thematic concepts will be developed in response to course materials. The project work generated will also function to explore the rationale and formats of pre-production and presentation media and techniques. ICM 313 Narrative for Media Prerequisite: ICM 227 Narrative for Media projects will facilitate the production of multiple short narratives based on story. Concepts, script and storyboard will utilize a variety of media production tools. The focus of the course is integrating cross-platform solutions into a singular narrative project. Video and editing for effect will be addressed. ICM 314 Video II Prerequisite: ICM 227 The Video II course projects will cover; story, composition and studio production for composing, shooting and editing for narrative. Post-production basics of image and audio correction will be explored in relation to genre, mood and tone. ICM 321 Ethics, Law, and Professionalism This module provides an appreciation of the effects on society of IT-based technology. In order to promote professional competence in the workplace, computer-related Thai/International law, the role of the computer professional and ethical duties associated with the computer use are included. The class will start with a historical examination of ethics and, through research, presentations and discussions, will provide opportunity to learn why it is essential to under- stand the ethical implications of our professional activities. Topics also include: global implications of technology, security, international law, personal responsibility, discrimina- t