Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 128

Also the creation of the color palette as a design aesthetic used for branding and graphic identity will be addressed. ICM 123 Composition for Media Composition for Media as part of the foundation study will explore how composition is achieved for the various media formats throughout the CG Degree and media production as a whole. In the studio the students will address numerous projects and exercises to gain a valuable understanding of how composition informs the reception of media work. ICM 124 Digital Media I This course will explore theoretical foundation design exercises as they become generated using primary 2D digital tools. Working in the CG Lab, students will work in multiple software formats to understand which tool best achieve the desired visual solution to a conceptual design issue. ICM 215 Typography This course will cover the entire spectrum of font, utility of font families, body composition, page to print and headline. The course will utilize as references a survey of modern and contemporary type and layout design. ICM 217 Digital Media II Prerequisite: ICM 124 This course will explore more advanced production capabilities of the 2D digital tools and projects addressed in ICM124. Working in the CG Lab, students will work in multiple software formats to produce project work which requires a variety of formats to be fully realized. ICM 218 3 Dimension I This course serves to introduce the foundation of 3D modeling and construction as a tool for both static and narrative media composition and production. Students will learn to generate both theoretical and narrative project work in a 3D environment. ICM 125 Digital Photography I This course introduces the craft of photography into the tool palette of media production. Technical aspects of cameras and lenses are addressed as the specifics of how a particular type of image can be created. Studio lighting is also explored as well as the development of the photo- graphic subject. 126 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ICM 225 3 Dimension II Prerequisite: ICM 218 The 3D processes covered in this course will focus on more individual elements of an environment to fully realize the character of the textures, visual style and motion as an integral aspect of the scene. Projects will be developed to design and build theoretical and narrative elements for story and effect.