Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 119

IEP 569 Foundations of Management (3 Credits) To understand the basics of effective analytics, management, planning, resource management in your organization. Include change management in a dynamic context. Analysis of data to change management process. Management according to philosophy of sufficiency economy and development according to new theories. Sustainability integrative approach for organizational balancing in response to globalization and sufficiency economy IEP 570 Personal Finance Management (3 Credits) IEP 571 Entrepreneurial Internship (3 Credits) A study of the wealth management planning and management. Personal finance, for example. Retirement planning, tax, education fund for children, investment, inherit- ance, risk management. Also learn about the proper manage- ment of personal financial planning, based on financial status information. It is a practical, systematic study of the workplace by providing them with real work experience at the work place. The work that the student performs will be in line with the subject and the student's needs, which is consistent with the student interest by focusing on learning from real-life experiences or special projects, useful to establishments such as updating or optimizing, or work process solution. Students can complete within the semester so students can learn, have work experience and the quality meets the needs most establishments. Free Elective IEP 575 Social Interaction (6 Credits) (3 Credits) IEP 576 Personality Development (3 Credits) IEP 577 Business Professional Skills (3 Credits) Studying, enhancing and developing the personality of being a professional businessman. Learn to socialize with confidence and timely with appropriate activities such as social etiquette, dress or social dance, social work including golfing for socializing, business meetings. Also study the skill of communication, the use of sound negotiation and living with other people. A study of the internal and external personality. Learn how to improve your personality in appropriately dressing of gentlemen and ladies, health caring, posing, appearances at Community, personal behavior development. Study about human relations, Thai courtesy and etiquette in association, practice speaking in various forms, personality of leadership, personality to apply for a job, Meeting etiquette, as well as Thai and international cultures and traditions. Study and practice skills. Essential to enhance the personality of a professional businessman, including speaking in the community. Presentation Business communication in the form of speaking, listening, reading and writing effective conferencing techniques, personality development, Social etiquette as well as the morality and ethics of business people. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 117