Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 116

by external experts, practice and encourage students to work together as a team. Major Elective Course IEP 552 Small Business Management (12 Credits) (3 Credits) A study of the definition, role and the operation of small business. Analysis and evaluation of various environ- ments in terms of opportunities, threads, legal conditions and ideas in establishment a new business, operation and management problems, including guidelines for business planning and development. Brand assessment and measurement and brand equity management to be accepted in the long run. Creating the right understanding about the benefits of brand management to entrepreneurs. Including the use of marketing communication techniques to create strategies to develop brand value. IEP 555 Supply Chain and Logistics Management (3 Credits) A study of the principles and processes of diagnosis and business consulting. Focus on student practice diagnosis, establishment and business consulting by apply the know- ledge gained from multiple learning fields to the synthesis of new knowledge. Starting from the study of real business problems selected as a case study from the actual establish- ment. And let students analyze the cause of the problem and find solutions. And to summarize how to solve the problem. Leads to synthesis, consulting, solutions to entrepreneurs and supervisory advisor. Students will learn theories from the classroom and have them practiced at the workplace. IEP 556 Compensation and Performance Management for E