Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 114

voluntary. When one or more parties want. One or more things from the other party or parties. In order to get a mutual agreement. To be used for negotiation. And use the basics of negotiation to send, learn the process of selling in various forms. Use sales techniques to gain the benefits that both buyers and sellers are satisfied. And can be used to promote the business for maximum benefit. Having self-study to create specialized knowledge in business and in depth information in their interested knowledge. Students need to know how to solve the problem together by reasoning and existing experiences for mutual benefit in solving problems and business development including a discussion, seminars by external experts, practice and encourage students to work together as a team. IEP 509 Family Business Dynamic (3 Credits) IEP 512 Seminar and Connectivity for Entrepreneur (0 Credits) IEP 510 Risk and Crisis Management (3 Credits) Study and learn depth analysis process and critical analysis process to be used to benefit the learning and understanding of the nature of the family business by focusing on the ownership issues in family business ownership. Inher- itance family business, inheritance Management of wages and employee compensation, conflicts management in family businesses. Include a study of the important role that formal communication processes play in relation to the laws, rules and regulations governing family business management. And study the way to evaluate the life cycle of a family business. A study of the risk and crisis management, and learn the condition of the abnormal incident and dealing with different crisis situations. Let the owner be ready to deal and manage crisis and risk without causing chaos damage to business. Including realistic simulation to achieve critical management skills. IEP 511 Seminar and Connectivity for Entrepreneur (0 Credits) A study of the research and problem-solving approach and provide to group of students with common interests. Participants must have basic business knowledge. 112 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Pre-requisite: IEP 511 A study of the