Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 111

focus on case study as a guide for innovation planning, include strategic business plan and follow up. IEP 351 Innovation and Technologies for Entrepreneurs (3 Credits) IEP 401 Legal Aspects for Entrepreneurship (3 Credits) Pre-requisite: IEP 102 Creative Thinking and Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities or Dean’s Approval A study of innovation and technology, new ideas and processes which never existed before, or the develop- ment of adaptation of the original and when used in the business to increase the effective. Also learn how to innovate to create new ideas, practices or actions, that all new or just some parts, to apply to start a business or run business further. A study of the key legal principles that business owners must know for the sake of planning the type of business organization to suit the operation both forms of individual persons and juristic persons, including the business by contract law as a tool to operate. It also needs to understand the key legal principles of the Civil and Commercial Code, as well as the laws related to bills in today’s most widely used forms of taxation, taxation payments, and intellectual property law including strategic closure and other laws regarding the establishment of various types of businesses. IEP 402 Social Entrepreneurship (3 Credits) Pre-requisite: IEP 301 Business Strategy and Growth or Dean’s Approval A study about business both profitable and non- profitable. Faithful to social benefits as business approach. Business in the form of Social Enterprise or S.E. will focus on the distribution of income to the production unit in society, social responsibility, integrity, sharing, and distribution of technology, knowledge and information among members. Be a business that introduces innovative technology as a component in reducing production costs and using various production resources to the worth value. Business in the perspective of social enterprise looks at the value of each human being, rather than the status of income. Each production potential of human is brought out as the owner of social production unit so sometimes the word “Social Entrepreneur” is used to convey the meaning of the business of the Social Enterprise to be more clearly. IEP 403 Entrepreneurship and Global Opportunities (3 Credits) A study of how to be a business owner in the global market by analyzing and evaluating economic, political, social, legal and technological environmental factors affecting the opportunities and threads of business operations. Study theories and case studies to help students understand how to plan and evaluate the feasibility of developing a business in the global market. Also study how to organize, marketing, management, finance, human resources management, know- ledge management, and cultural management of multinational corporations for the effective business management. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 109