Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 109

and human resources management, laws related to business, financial institution, commercial documents and management. The study aims to build the foundation of the concept of business operation and to gain an understanding of each business activity which will be beneficial to academic studies as a business owner, including the study of environmental factors that promote the success of entrepreneurs. IEP 102 Creative Thinking and Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities (3 Credits) A study of the meaning of creativity, fundamental characteristics of creative people, nature of creativity, process and development of creativity, creative thinking to design products or service as market needs, also including strategy and techniques for developing creative ideas in order to prepare for become business owner who creates innovation products and services for the target customers. IEP 151 Principles of Accounting for Entrepreneurs (3 Credits) This course provides the essentials of fundamental accounting such as definition of Accounting, users of accounting information, accounting concepts and principles, accounting equation, measuring and recording of business transactions, adjusting entries, completing the accounting cycle, classified financial statements, depreciation, inventories, managerial accounting basics, cost behavior, cost volume-profit and its analysis and budgeting. IEP 152 Principles of Economics (3 Credits) A study of basic economics principles to analyze and understand the decision of individuals, business units and governments in the economy system. The study includes demand and supply analysis, theory about consumer and producer, and the characteristics of various market structures such as market competition, market competition, monopoly competition, semi-monopoly, and small seller market. This study also including the influence of various market structures which also affect macroeconomic pricing such as the relationship between productivity levels, employment rates, interest rates, and the impact of fiscal and fiscal policies on business decision-making. IEP 153 Quantitative Techniques for Entrepreneurs (3 Credits) Pre-requisite: IMA 101 Fundamental Mathematics or Dean’s Approval To provide students with mathematical knowledge, fundamental concepts of basic statistics for study business fundamentals, and data analysis for use in forecasting and business decision making in both theory and application. This study aims that students can apply mathematical techniques, study statistical methods and hypothesis testing applied to management analysis and business decision making, and study about percentage and application of business, pricing, trading discount, banking discount, installment, and derivative and integration in business application. IEP 201 Production and Operations Management (3 Credits) Pre-requisite: IEP 101 Foundations of Entrepreneurship or Dean’s Approval A study of the basics and scope of production management, production predicting or forecasting, product design and development, location selection, plant layout, purchasing, production capacity management, inventory management, project management, quality management system, and maintenance of machinery. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONA 107