Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 - Page 105

B ACHELOR OF B USINESS A DMINISTRATION (B.B.A.) IN E NTREPRENEURSHIP Designed for those who exhibit a high entrepre- neurial potential and interest in developing a solid foundation in understanding entrepreneurship. The focus will be on evaluating and investigating business opportunities and preparing a business plan. The curriculum is a result of our unique entrepreneurship education ecosystem, designed with collaborators from like-minded institutions worldwide. From our experience and expertise in delivering entrepreneurial thought and action, derived from our close relationship with the world’s leader in entrepreneurship education, the program will lead you to developing skills in decision making and problem solving in entrepreneurial settings. Students will discover their innate entrepreneurial potential in program. It will give them a set of tools and perspectives for capitalizing on their potential. The Entrepreneurship program is designed for undergraduate students exhibiting high entrepreneurial potential and interest in developing an early foundation for understanding entrepreneurship. This program will enhance the students understanding of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, how to evaluate and investigated new business opportunities, and how to prepare a business plan. The curriculum enjoys sharing facilities and faculty members who are led by the graduate school’s flagship program in Entrepreneurship. The M.M.E., in partnership with Babson College, U.S.A. The program is designed to utilize both theoretical concepts and real-world cases in order to develop skills in decision-making and problem solving in entrepreneurial settings. Career Opportunities Graduates can start their own ventures, work in fast- growth innovative firms, take over family-owned companies, buy a business or acquire a franchise, become corporate entrepreneur who pursue entrepreneurial ideas and concepts in large, establish organizations, become entrepreneurs in public sector organizations, and bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their own disciplines. Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship Degree Plan Total Number of Credits General Education Professional Education Core Courses Major Requirements Major Electives Free Electives 54 credits 30 credits 12 credits Total 30 credits 96 credits 6 credits 132 credits List of Courses General Education (30 credits) Humanities and Language (14 credits) A minimum of 30 credits hours is required. Students must enroll in ILB100 Study Skills as well as in other courses in the areas of Humanities and Language, Social Sciences and Mathematics and Science in order to fulfil the requirement. IEN 103 Critical Reading IEN 104 College Writing IEN 105 Communicative English ILB 100 Study Skills ILB 108 Critical and Creative Thinking ILB 113 Art Appreciation 3 3 3 1 3 1 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 103