Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 133

ICM 452 Internship ICO 301 Pre-Cooperative Education ICM 471 Cooperative Education IBA 111 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship Prerequisite: A minimum of 2 major requirements courses This internship will allow students to get hands-on experience in the graphic design and multimedia industry. The internship program provides advanced graphics and multimedia majors with experience in a professional environ- ment, helping to prepare them for entry into the job market. Status updates will be submitted to an advising instructor during the internship. Prerequisite: ICO 301 The study of actual working processes in a real-world establishment in the capacity of an employee to prepare the student for future careers in the most systemic manner possible. The student will be assigned to a full-time position at an establishment for a minimum period of one educational term or sixteen weeks. The job is one of quality which offers the possibility of relevant work-integrated learning or project-based learning and contributes to the benefit of the entity. The student will be evaluated for their performance by the faculty and the establishment. As well, the student will be required to deliver a report summarizing their performance following the conclusion of their coopera- tive education work assignment. The study of concept behind the cooperative education system and the development of readiness and various capabilities such as job application letter writing, employer screening, job interview techniques, communication skill improvement, personality, teamwork, organizational culture, creative thinking techniques, report writing and presentation techniques, as well as entrepreneurship skills, recommended practices at work and workplace safety This course studies introduction to business knowl- edge alongside with creative and innovative managerial practices of successful entrepreneurship and new venture creation. The course explores the entrepreneurial concepts of business management, including planning, raising capital, using business information, managing employees, and marketing products and services. Fundamental business concepts in major areas, such as business environment, marketing, accounting, finance, management, production and international business are included. Students will be challenged to apply principles and concepts to create new business venture and develop the skills necessary for entre- preneurial success. Building entrepreneurial spirit in making business decisions and enhancing long-term business success through innovation in management and understand- ing business ethics, character development, social responsi- bility, organizational culture, and special issues in a global economy. BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL 131