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They are extensively used in concrete to improve its physical and chemical properties and are utilized in all types of constructions for instance non-buildings , residential , and nonresidential infrastructure . Construction chemicals develop the power of the building structure . It provides superior durability , chemical resistance , and noticeably lowers the water and cement necessity .
End-users in the market encompass residential and non-residential & infrastructure . Nonresidential & infrastructure sector accounted more than 60 % l revenue shares in 2015 . In this sector , construction chemicals find usage in manufacturing and industrial buildings , composition of warehouses , hotels and retail , and office spaces .
Main regional segments in the global construction chemicals market are Asia Pacific , North America Europe , Latin America , and the Middle East & Africa ( MEA ). Asia Pacific was the leading market for construction chemicals in 2015 . It was valued close to 45 % in terms of value in the same year . India and China are the chief countries in this region accounting for above 50 % of the total revenue .
The worldwide construction industry is gradually recovering post the decline in 2008 and 2009 . Several European construction companies achieved substantial shares in 2015 . The expansion of the construction chemicals industry is directly linked with the intensification of construction market at the global scale .
Market participants are mounting their customer base through strategies counting exhibitions and new product launches . U . S . based Dow Chemical Company is a key participant in this market . The company manufactures an extensive variety of adhesive and sealant products . Other top most players in the market include FOSROC Chemicals India Private Limited , BASF SE , Pidilite Industries Limited , Dow Chemical Company , W . R . Grace & Company , and Sika AG .
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