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November / December 2021


BIP Perolo ’ s world-wide presence
Adem Arslan , CEO of Isotank Central

Perolo ’ s global distribution drive

There was a time not so long ago that the tank container market was still a small yet already international industry . However , over the years the industry has grown to accommodate the expanding world economy ’ s transport needs . Companies had to adapt and instead of having all activity centralised in one location , it became crucial for rendering an optimal customer service to have satellite offices to offer a world-wide service . This tendency can be observed on every level of the transport industry , even to the suppliers of valves . Before Thierry Bourguignon ’ s management buyout of Perolo in 2005 , the company counted one sales representative covering all countries and a couple of distributors . Bourguignon quickly identified the need to reinforce Perolo ’ s world-wide presence to offer an optimal customer service and experience . Therefore , he developed a two-fold strategy to offer a fully international support infrastructure . The first action was to develop a network of subsidiaries and agents under the BIP Group umbrella . As such Perolo Distribution BVBA was created in Belgium in 2006 stocking most common ISO and road tanker parts . That way , BIP Perolo could guarantee a quick delivery to nearby depots in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam . When the gravity centre of tank manufacturing moved from Europe to China , Perolo followed suit and opened in 2007 a factory with assembly lines for ISO tank parts in Langfang , China . In 2008 BIP Distribution was created , covering France , Southern Europe and North Africa . Next in 2010 a partnership with Alltec Solutions Ltd in the UK was developed with stock of main ISO and road tanker parts to supply the UK market . But Perolo did not stop there . In 2013 , Pawel Siemko was recruited as agent to supply Eastern Europe . Later on , in 2014 , Perolo Singapore was founded in order to supply the ever-growing South East Asian market that evolves around the hub in Singapore . Lastly , in 2015 the decision was made to move the Chinese factory from Langfang to Rudong and to add a foundry . As such BIP Jiangsu Engineering Ltd was created under the solid reins of Jane Shu . At the same time as developing a global presence of subsidiaries and agents , Perolo created a world-wide network of certified distributors that hold stock of main parts . These distributors go through a tight selection process . First of all they need to be familiar with both the industry and their local market . Next , they are invited to follow in-house training at one of the Perolo factories to be able to offer technical assistance and customer service when needed . Even after in-house training , Perolo distributors can ask for extra support from the nearest Perolo factory , each one equipped with an engineering team at their disposal . Thanks to this strategy , BIP Perolo can now boast of having a global network of distributors in place with a presence on all major continents . One of the latest distributors to have joined this select circle is Isotank Central that became an official distributor in 2017 . Isotank Central was founded by Adem Arslan who has more than 25 years of work experience in shipping and logistics . Arslan knows the market like the back of his hand thanks to his many years of experience at

Eurotainer and GAC . He also sent his colleague Alper Günay to Perolo headquarters in France for a certified Perolo product training . Isotank Central is carefully monitoring customer needs in Turkey and informing them about the most recent technological developments in their sectors . Because the distributor is closely working together with Perolo head office , it can then offer onsite training with Perolo engineers at the production site of the customer . Thanks to the continuous efforts of the entire Isotank Central team ,
Perolo managed to have a firm customer base in Turkey in three main sectors : rail tank car , ISO tanks and road tankers . Also , special components , like lined parts for very corrosive cargoes , are regularly ordered by customers of Isotank Central . Thanks to close collaboration , such as that with Isotank Central , Perolo has managed to establish customer service throughout all major transport hubs .
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Alper Günay training at Perolo