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6 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Equipment Leasing

6 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Equipment Leasing

November / December 2021

Silver medal for Exsif

Exsif Worldwide has been awarded Silver Medal status in the annual Ecovadis assessment for corporate social responsibility . The Ecovadis Silver 2021 Sustainability Rating rating places Exsif in the top 25 percent of more than 75,000 companies assessed by Ecovadis , a global sustainability ratings provider . Exsif achieved high scores in all the assessed categories , including the environment , labour and human rights , ethics and sustainable procurement . “ As the world ’ s leading tank container lessor , we believe that everyone has a role to play in achieving a sustainable future ,” a company statement read . “ We are committed to setting ambitious targets and implementing various projects in our ongoing journey to reduce our environmental footprint and offer sustainable solutions to our customers .” Three factors guide Exsif ’ s efforts towards good corporate citizenry . First , business dealings . The firm endeavours to deal fairly with customers , suppliers , competitors , the public and one another in accordance with the highest ethical standards . Second , labour practices . Provide a safe and healthy environment , and fair working conditions for employees . Finally , environment . This aims to recognise the operational environmental footprint and improve the lessor ’ s ecological profile . “ Exsif ’ s commitment to be a good corporate citizen makes us favour suppliers that actively manage their environmental footprint , have a policy on ethical standards and code of conduct , and treat their employees fairly ,” the company continued . “ Engaging key organisations in the supply chain allows us to bring sustainability principles to the forefront of our business practices . We recognise that it is in the best interest of Exsif ’ s stakeholders to ensure that our products and services remain profitable and viable in the long run .”

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Exsif achieved high scores in all the assessed categories , including the environment , labour and human rights , ethics and sustainable procurement

Hoover goes circular

Albatross has made available a fleet of T14 tanks in India

Good year for Albatross in India

year since the expansion of Albatross Tank Leasing ’ s

A presence in India , the company was successfully able to increase its customer base in the country and in addition the Middle East region . Albatross now has a wide range of regional customers from ISO tank operators to chemical producers . The lessor has made available a fleet of T14 – 26 / 25 cbm tanks for hazardous chemical transport for domestic and international leasing . The fleet of T14s is quite young and can be used to transport hazardous chemicals in high volume . The company ’ s focus is on custom-built tanks for chemical producers and is looking forward to receiving requests for such special equipment to serve the special market .

https :// albatross-tanks . de

Signalling a shift in its strategy towards sustainability and environmental responsibility , Hoover Ferguson has renamed its organisation Hoover CS ( Hoover Circular Solutions ). As part of this alignment , the company has streamlined its offering to focus on reusable dry and liquid container products , logistics and service support . “ Right now , reusable industrial containers are used in far fewer applications than they could be employed in ,” said CEO Kevin Friar . “ As a company , we are holding ourselves accountable for growing this usage , not just for Hoover CS , but for the industry at large . We are making it easy for customers to make a more environmentally sound choice and we are supporting them in articulating what that means in context of their sustainability goals . “ We all have a great deal of work to do in ensuring that we search out environmentally sustainable alternative solutions so that resources are managed responsibly , and the environment is protected for future generations . The industry has our full commitment to this end .” Hoover CS ’ s fully services offer further environmental benefit because of their efficient cleaning and restoration processes , refined over the course of the organisation ’ s 110-year history . Hoover CS also announced a multi-year agreement with Advanced Refining Technologies LLC ( ART ), a joint venture between US specialty chemicals and materials

Hoover CS will provide circular catalyst packaging and logistics solutions in the largest catalyst management agreement in Bapco ’ s history company WR Grace & Co and US energy company Chevron , in partnership with Bahrain Petroleum Company ( Bapco ). Under the terms of the agreement , Hoover CS will provide ART with circular catalyst packaging and logistics solutions in support of the largest catalyst management agreement signed in Bapco ’ s history . “ It ’ s very exciting to be part of the single largest catalyst management agreement in Bapco ’ s history ,” says Arash Hassanian , Hoover CS senior vice president . “ We look forward to working closely with ART in providing sustainable packaging solutions and managing key aspects of the logistics across the supply chain .” Jag Reddy , managing director of ART , said : “ Hoover CS plays a critical role in helping us align with Bapco ’ s sustainability initiatives . Its industry-leading circular catalyst packaging and logistics solutions enable us to deliver a convenient , and sustainable solution for our client .” Hoover CS will play a critical role in transporting fresh and spent catalyst to and from the United States , the Kingdom of Bahrain , and South Korea , along with specialised logistics and services , such as handling and repackaging , truck loading , and fleet management through its proprietary FleetAI technology . In addition , Hoover CS will identify opportunities to improve circularity within ART ’ s supply chain , ensuring sustainability goals and net zero objectives are at the forefront of their strategy .
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