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November / December 2021

Tank Containers


Chemical Express goes S-WAY

Truck maker Iveco has delivered 15 S-Way tractor units to

Chemical Express . The delivery , which took place in Naples at the customer ’ s headquarters , was attended by Vincenzo Romano , director of Chemical Express , Giuseppe Avallone , Chemical Express CEO , Michele Valiante , CEO of Socom Nuova , Carmine Ceglia , specialist Heavy Trucks Socom Nuova , Alessandro Oitana , Iveco Italy market medium & heavy business line manager , and Fabrizio Scirè , Iveco district manager . The 15 S-Ways , model AS440S48T / P , will be used throughout Europe - in particular France , Germany , Spain and England – to transport chemical and liquid products , including flammable , corrosive and other products . The tractors , equipped with 480 HP Cursor 11 engine and 3650 wheelbase , are fitted with Hi-Tronix 12-speed automated gearbox , active space cab , ideal for long-haul journeys , and ADR preparation for transport of dangerous goods . Alessandro Oitana , Iveco Italy market medium & heavy business line manager , stated : “ Our S-Ways are the ideal solution for efficient and safe transport , as in the case of chemical products and industrial waste transport , both domestic and international . We are proud to provide Chemical Express with high-performance vehicles that adapt to every requirement .” Vincenzo Romano , director of Chemical Express , commented : “ Our company pays particular attention to the search for innovative transport solutions ; with this in mind , we evaluated the new Iveco S-Way as extremely interesting thanks to its greater connectivity . The support of the Socom Nuova dealership , through the work of Carmine Ceglia , was also indispensable in choosing the vehicles most in line with our transport and outfitting needs .” Chemical Express Srl was founded in 1979 by Salvatore Romano and , within a few years , became a point of reference for an increasingly large number of companies operating in the chemical sector in Italy . In 1995 the new generation , represented by the sons , bought the first tank container for intermodal transport . In 2013 , to increase the level of specialisation of its services , Chemical Express decided to concentrate transport activity in a specific dedicated company . The delivery was carried out by Socom Nuova Srl , the Iveco dealer in the Campania region , with almost 60 years of experience in sales and after-sales assistance services .
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Stolt keeps shining

Stolt Tank Containers ( STC ) reported third-quarter revenue of US $ 174.4 million , up from $ 157.7 million in the second quarter . Transport revenue increased 6.3 percent driven by a 12.6 percent increase in revenue per shipment , offset by a decrease in shipments of 5.6 percent due to port congestion and operational delays caused by tight ship capacity and a shortage of truck drivers . Demurrage revenue also increased substantially by 44.8 percent for the same reasons . Utilisation remained steady at 72.1 percent compared with 72.2 percent in the prior quarter . STC reported a third-quarter operating profit of $ 24.7 million , up from $ 12.5 million in the second quarter , fuelled by the growth in freight rates which outpaced the rise in move related expenses . Ocean freight expenses increased a further 8.4 percent on top of significant increases earlier in the year , while trucking and rail expenses were marginally down due to fewer shipments .

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The 15 S-Ways will be used by Chemical Express throughout Europe , in particular France , Germany , Spain and England


Fort Vale 2 ” BSP low profile IBC Relief valve


The new Fort Vale 2 ” BSP low profile IBC Relief valve has been developed to radically improve flow rates and sealing performance , in the process setting a new benchmark for comparable models on the market .
The valve is perfectly suited to IBC applications where flow rates and sealing performance are key to the performance of the equipment - especially when used on low pressure , static vessels .
Key Features and benefits :
l Low profile feature increases flexibility of the valve when space is a limiting factor
l High flow rates with regards to pressure and vacuum relief offers increased vessel protection
l Conical guided seating significantly improves valve re-seating after relieving pressure , reducing leaks
Visit us at www . fortvale . com l Internal labyrinth feature and angled vent ports reduces valve contamination
l Push button feature for vacuum function to allow for manual venting
l Hexagonal shaped body allows for use of standard tooling to fit the valve to the pressure vessel