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November / December 2021

VdB eyes Africa with deepsea expansion

Tank Containers


Van den Bosch is expanding its deepsea activities with 500 new 20ft tank containers and a cleaning station in Ivory Coast . In doing so , the logistics service provider is meeting the growing demand for deepsea transport using ISO tanks for the food industry . A major part of the operator ’ s activities concerns the shipment of liquid foodstuffs in tank containers for the African market , such as cacao , shea butter , olive oil , sunflower oil , ethanol and wine . “ With the purchase of 500 extra containers we are paving the way for further growth ,” said Bart van de Vorst , managing director of Van den Bosch in Dubai from where the deepsea activities are coordinated . “ We expect to complete delivery of the new batch in the second quarter of 2022 .” Van den Bosch focuses on setting up and converting traditional transport flows into bulk transport . “ In Africa , for example , a lot of work is still done in the traditional way . Products are shipped in small packaging or in flexitanks ,” Van de Vorst stated . “ This takes an excessive amount of time and labour and is not the most environmentally-friendly solution . With the choice of bulk transport in tank containers , we are offering an efficient , reliable and sustainable transport solution . This is making a real difference for our customers , especially given the current market situation . In addition to the aforementioned advantages , ISO tanks are also a welcome solution to the shortage of shipping containers .” Following the tank cleaning station that Van den Bosch opened in Ghana in 2016 , the company is expected to open a second cleaning station in Abidjan , Ivory Coast , in the second quarter of next year . “ We have invested heavily in the African continent in recent years . With the opening of this cleaning station , we are meeting demand from our customers ,” Van de Vorst added . The cleaning station was constructed in accordance with strict European quality standards and also meets all the conditions for kosher and halal cleaning . “ Previously , it wasn ’ t always possible to take back a return load due to a lack of professional cleaning facilities . The new cleaning station ensures a better balance between incoming and outgoing transport flows , and therefore fewer empty transport movements . In this way , we are working on increased sustainability and connecting Africa with the rest of the world .”

TCS transaction
In a separate move , Van den Bosch has acquired Spanish transport company TCS Trans , based in Barcelona . TCS Trans focuses on dry bulk for the petrochemical industry . “ Spain is a growth market with a lot of potential . With this acquisition , we are taking the next step in developing our intermodal network in southern Europe ,” commented Rico Daandels , Van den Bosch CEO . TCS is an established name in Spain . The company was founded in 1958 by the Castellet San Miguel family and was one of the first Spanish companies to use intermodal transport . The core activity is transporting dry bulks like PVC powder and granulate for the petrochemical industry . The company is also active in the bulk transport of liquids and gases . From its office in Barcelona , TCS mainly serves the Spanish and Italian markets , and invests in the development of an intermodal network . The company owns 50 percent of Multirail , a private rail operator in Spain . It also has a share in intermodal transport company Combiberia . With the acquisition of TCS Trans , Van den Bosch is committed to further development of the

IMT launches pairing app

Telematics solutions company Intermodal

Telematics ( IMT ) is expanding its telematics applications with the IMT Pairing App . Recently the IMT Fleets App was introduced , now followed by the IMT Pairing App , which simplifies and makes the pairing process of IMT sensors and GPS devices easier . It is a quick , secure and easy way to attach any IMT device or sensor to a rail wagon , tank container or chassis with a mobile phone or tablet immediately after physical installation has been completed . After pairing of the IMT device / sensor has been successfully completed , users can log in to see all relevant data in the IMT web application . The pairing process follows four simple steps that can be done anywhere ; on-site or in a depot . A short intro-movie on the IMT website shows these steps . Bernard Heylen , IMT sales director : “ For use of the IMT Pairing App , it is important to highlight that it is necessary to log in to the IMT Pairing App as a user . IMT also offers the option to set up restricted access user ( s ), whereby depots or workshops can only use the app without having access to the IMT Portal , ensuring the safety of confidential customer data . When logged in to the app , it is only possible to attach and detach devices or sensors linked to your company account . So the safety of the pairing process , attaching as well as detaching , is accounted for in every way .” Heylen added that users will also have access and see an up-to-date summary of the data received from those paired devices or sensors , eg , battery status , sensor data , last position co-ordinates and the time the device last sent information . Finally , the IMT Pairing App also allows easy detach ( unpairing ) of IMT devices and sensors .
www . intermodaltelematics . com
Van den Bosch works a lot on converting African transport flows in small packaging or flexitanks into tank containers
intermodal network in Southern Europe . Daandels added : “ As a logistics service provider , we have gained a strong position in European logistics . With the acquisition of TCS , we are taking the next step in developing our intermodal network . We have been investing significantly in
TC also owns 50 percent of Multirail , a private rail operator in Spain the Spanish market in recent years , as the demand for intermodal bulk transport is increasing and offers a lot of potential . Thanks to the acquisition , we will now also have a physical presence and will be pooling our strengths . From Barcelona , we will be offering solutions for both dry and liquid bulk for the food and chemical industries .” The 40 TCS employees will be retained , and the fleet , consisting of 30 trucks , over 300 containers and 100 trailers & chassis , is also part of the transaction . More than two-thirds of the fleet consists of pressurised silo containers for the transport of chemical raw materials which have to be unloaded under pressure . Juan Castellet San Miguel , CEO of TCS Trans , is pleased with the takeover . “ It means that our customers will benefit from Van den Bosch ’ s network , capacity and knowledge . In recent years , Van den Bosch has built up a strong intermodal network on the European market and , in addition to solutions for dry bulk , also offers liquid bulk transport on a large scale . By pooling our strengths , we can now offer our customers a complete bulk transport solution . Our customers will also benefit from the latest possibilities in the field of automation , technology and data exchange in the supply chain .” San Miguel will continue as general manager of the branch in Spain . His brother Eduardo will also remain operationally and commercially responsible .
www . vandenbosch . com www . tcstrans . com
The IMT Pairing App is available on both iOS and Android