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14 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Bulk Liners & Flexitanks November / December 2021

14 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Bulk Liners & Flexitanks November / December 2021

Tank operators show

more interest in PBLA

The Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance ( PBLA ) is continuing its or because drums are becoming less and less acceptable in more expansion , and now counts members from 56 countries . countries , with tanks and flexitanks taking their place for door-to-door President and co-founder Jason Wright highlighted that : “ despite deliveries . the challenging market conditions over the past 18 months the tank This has led to continued strong demand for tank containers and container market has been very dynamic in both deepsea and shortsea flexitanks by shippers , with specialist operators working hard to terms , and independent reports show continued growth over the next provide reliable logistics services . 10 years of 5-10 percent . The flexitank logistics market will likely grow “ For this reason , small and medium independent tank operators that even more , having shown high resilience over the past 18 months .” wish to compete with the multinationals are seeking haven in the Despite this rapid growth , PBLA maintains its focus creating value for PBLA to increase their connectivity with like-minded bulk liquid its global membership of flexitank operators and , increasingly , logistics operators looking to improve their global presence ,” Wright independent tank container operators . says . Recent acquisitions in the logistics industry have resulted in further The global partnership of specialists remains engaged through consolidation among multinational logistics companies leaving fewer regular meetings , both physical and , over the past 18 months , virtual . choices of specialised logistics providers to serve the market . PBLA PBLA has just announced dates and venue for its next in-person members have been able to take advantage of this market trend and event which will be in Madrid , Spain on 5-7 April 2022 . The Spanish maintain even expand their market position . capital was chosen as the location as it offers maximum safety Wright says PBLA has also noticed an increased number of enquiries protocols to safeguard participants from possible Covid-19 infections . from independent flexitank and ISO tank operators seeing the need to Spain is currently in the top five countries in terms of fully vaccinated be better connected in this specialist field . populations .

More and more products are being moved in flexitanks and ISO tanks , whether due to the increasing bulk specialty chemical market www . pblalliance . com
PBLA has chosen Madrid for its next in-person event as the location offers maximum safety protocols
WBWE is returning as a face-to-face event

WBWE prepares for in-person show

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition ( WBWE ) will be the first face-to-face wine fair taking place in the West this year . The wine market is rapidly changing . The climate has jeopardised the stock in some very significant producing areas , therefore creating an imbalance in the global wine market . Wineries have to adapt to these new circumstances and try to benefit from the potential advantages . WBWE is advertised as the fair for new opportunities , changes and new market approaches . More than ever , the fair will be focused on a maximum productivity model in the shortest period of time and with maximum guarantees for visitors and exhibitors . Both buyers and brokers will find the best wines from diverse origins ( from Argentina to Australia , Italy , Spain , France , South Africa ) and all sorts of grape varieties and prices , but always under the premise of quality . Packaging at destination has turned into a new business opportunity adjusted to new times and to new possibilities . The environmental impact of transport is minimised thanks to the commercialisation bulk wine and bottling at destination ; thus helping to reduce greenhouse gases and lowering costs . Design , alternative packages and bulk wine all go hand in hand , providing creative possibilities . Canned wines and bag-in-box wine will have a key role at this year ’ s fair . The wine industry has to face many challenges over a short time span . WBWE 2021 will play a crucial role for the winegrowing industry , since this is a key year to define and set trends , prices and future changes .

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