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8 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Tank Containers May/June 2019 Stolt sees Q1 drop The Modalis 40ft fl atcars can carry two 20ft loaded containers S Modalis boosts fl eet by acquiring fl atcars F rance-based Modalis has procured a fl eet of 40ft fl atcars, specially designed to carry two 20ft heavy loaded containers. The equipment rentak and trading company will take delivery of a further batch of railcars with a different confi guration during the second half of 2019. Modalis says it is developing nicely with a yearly increase in turnover of 20 percent. The development refl ects requirement for innovative intermodal solutions in order to optimise goods fl ows. As a response to the fast-growing demand for such solutions, the group also recently invested in containers designed to suit the building industry, civil engineering and public works. CEO Bernard Mei commented: “We are convinced of the numerous advantages a fl atcar combined with the appropriate UTI can offer compared with a conventional wagon and have launched a big invest programme adding intermodal railcars to our product range.” Moreover, Modalis has been certifi ed as an ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) since 2017. Today’s fl eet covers silo containers, dry bulk containers, liquid and gas tanks as well as swap-bodies, box containers and curtainside swap bodies, open top containers, coil carriers, chassis, tipping chassis, fl at racks, and tipping chassis. Modalis also equips its fl eet with telematics enabling worldwide track & trace. Yvonne Janssen, commercial director, said: “During transport logistic we are taking the opportunity to show a few of our latest developments in terms of intermodality at the outdoor exhibition area.” www.modalis.com JJAP Tank up and running H aving started operations just over year ago, Jingjiang Asian-Pacifi c Logistics Equipment Co, Ltd (JJAP Tank) says the new tank manufacturer is progressing as planned. The company’s production facility is located in Jingjiang National Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China. JJAP Tank says it has a superior geographical location and regional advantages in relation to port connections. Most of the staff have been involved in the tank manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, and being equipped with advanced facilities ensure products are of the highest quality. “Our factory has four workshops and two depots with an annual production capacity of 5,000 units for the time being,” said a spokesman. “JJAP Tank has the capability to build various types of products, such as: 20/30ft ISO, swap body, wide body, lined tank, heating/cooling tank, and offshore tank, to name a few. Moreover, the production line of U-stamp tanks and T50 gas tanks will be put is due to come into production this summer. The scope of service includes repair, refurbishment, parts & accessories supply, technical support and logistics service with a depot network in Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston and Melbourne. www.jjaptank.com tolt Tank Containers (STC) reported fi rst-quarter revenue of US$124.1 million, down from $133.6 million in Q4 2018. The decline in revenue was driven by a 4.7 percent decrease in shipments, resulting in a 5.7 percent decrease in transport revenue and a 17.8 percent decrease in demurrage revenue. The fi rst quarter is STC’s seasonally weakest period, with the turning point typically following the celebration of Chinese New Year, which this year fell on 5 February . In addition, market conditions remained soft in the quarter, with intensifying price competition, the operator said. The total number of tanks in STC’s global fl eet — consisting of owned, leased and managed assets — was essentially unchanged at 39,462. STC reported a fi rst-quarter operating profi t of $15.7 million, down from $18.1 million in the previous quarter, refl ecting the decreases in both revenue and operating costs resulting from the decline in shipments. Stolt Nielsen’s 2018 annual report shows that full-year revenue at STC rose to US$551 million, with operating income increasing to $71 million, driven mainly by increased shipments, higher demurrage billing, and lower repositioning costs. In 2017, revenue was $513 million, with operating profi t at $54 million. Total shipments were up 1.8 percent on the year, with a 14 percent increase in food-grade shipments. During 2018, STC successfully reduced the weighted average lease rate on its leased fl eet, resulting in savings of nearly $7,000 per day. Fleet utilisation, however, slipped to 72.1 percent, from 72.5 percent in 2017, refl ecting the impact of second-half market weakness and an increase in STC’s fl eet size. STC president Michael W Kramer said that during the year, the operator continued its long-term strategy focused on improving competitive advantage through the implementation of new technologies. Over the past two years, STC has used technology to reduce costs and enable staff to focus on value-added operations and service. During 2018, STC also continued to make improvements to its online tool mySTCtanks.com that allows customers to manage their tanks better, reduce costs and drive supply-chain improvements. mySTCtanks has an increasing number of regular users, said Kramer. While the number of depots in STC’s global network held steady at 21 in 2018 – after adding new facilities in Thailand and Italy in the previous year – substantial progress was made on the fi rm’s three joint-venture depots in Saudi Arabia. At the Dammam depot, capacity was quadrupled, while adding both a new cleaning system and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility. At the Jubail depot – the largest depot in STC’s network at 50,000 sqm – the fi rst phase of planned construction was completed, with room to expand to a total of 105,000 sqm. The Dammam and Jubail facilities were both commissioned at the start of 2019. Jeddah, the third facility, will also be upgraded with modern equipment. As for the outlook, Kramer added that market conditions softened in the second-half of 2018, which took many in the industry by surprise. “That said, while the ultimate impact of ongoing political turmoil, possible trade wars and volatility in petroleum prices remain to be seen, the long term fundamentals of the tank-container business remain strong. “Stolt Tank Containers’ strategy remains unchanged: continue to focus on delivering superior customer service at the lowest cost by leveraging STC’s global scale, by using technology to drive continuous improvements in operational effi ciency, and by operating in a manner that is safe for people and the environment.” TANK CONTAINER LEASING www.gemcontainers.com +44 (0) 1892 825050 +44 (0) 7782 275839 [email protected] The Modalis 40ft fl atcars can carry two 20ft loaded containers