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January/February 2020 Asset Management B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR 7 Digitalisation award winner highlights role in chemical transport T he European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) Solvents Award ceremony took place in Brussels in November during the General Assemblies of the Oxygenated Solvents Producers Association (OSPA) and the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA). As previously reported in Bulk Distributor (September/October 2019, p18), the award went to Packwise for its digitalisation project ‘Smart IBC containers’. Packwise, a start-up from Dresden, Germany, developed smart IBCs with automated circuits. The company’s innovation improves time and cost efficiency, ensures that solvents are transported safely, helps save resources and creates a new approach to customer relationship management. Packwise has now signed an agreement with IoT solution provider Diehl Connectivity Solutions to start mass production of the smart devices. Following the award ceremony, Packwise CEO Gesche Weger told ESIG how the innovation was conceived and realised. Tell us what led to the creation of Packwise and what was the idea behind it? “My background is in economics and I did research in the field of global economic affairs at the Kiel Institute and worked as an economist for one of the major Swiss banks. “I then spent a few years on parental leave and it was towards the end of it that one of Packwise co-founders came up with the idea of creating this start-up. He had been working for an intermediate bulk container manufacturer and had noticed that the processes regarding the reuse and organisation of containers were not sustainable. “Therefore, the other co-founders and I decided to develop a technology that would make industrial containers as cost- and resource-efficient and safe as possible, in line with the concepts of sustainability and circular economy. The start-up was created in October 2017.” relevant KPIs and automate processes such as automated repeat orders.” Why did you apply for the ESIG award and what did it bring to your company to be the winner? “We applied for the ESIG Award, because it recognises contribution to the sustainable handling and use of solvents. The packaging is one important element when using and supplying solvents and we felt our initiative fitted very well in this framework. “We feel very honoured to have won the ESIG award. It has increased our visibility in the industry. As a result, we have received a few media requests as well as several requests from potential customers. www.savvy-telematics.com KEEP TRACK OF YOUR ASSETS A STRATEGIC TREND-SETTING PARTNERSHIP Why is the technology so innovative? “The hardware we developed is really tailor-made for the chemical industry. The device that tracks the filling level and the location of the containers and several other parameters like temperature, shock, etc, is non-intrusive. It is placed on top of the container, which avoids the container losing its certification. “This is very important in order to comply with industry standards. No additional equipment is required to send or receive the data. The device works autonomously and sends the data via the cloud through our platform. Our software enables companies to analyse TANKMILES HEATING SYSTEM L-r at the ESIG Solvents ceremony: Sophia Becker, Packwise; Marco Mensink, Cefic director general; Gesche Weger, Packwise; Cornelia Tietz, ESIG secretary general The Packwise device is placed on top of the container which avoids losing certification