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16 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Industrial Packaging Ag approval for Mauser M auser’s Reidsville, North Carolina facility has received approval from the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) to process used HDPE plastic pesticide containers collected through the council’s container recycling programme. This certification was granted following a site review conducted by the ACRC to ensure the council’s stringent guidelines for handling and recycling recovered HDPE containers were met. The Ag Container Recycling Council is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1992. The council promotes and supports programmes in the United States related to the collection and recycling of used agricultural crop protection, animal health, and specialty pest control product containers. Since its founding in 1992, more than 190,000,000 pounds of plastic have been recycled through the council’s recycling programme. The resulting recycled resin can be used in specific, approved end products such as drain pipe, highway sign posts, and utility conduit. Mauser is an affiliate member of the ACRC. “This certification supports our continued commitment to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills,” said Jen Kienen, director, of the company’s PCR division. “We continue to look for new ways to close the packaging lifecycle loop and give raw materials a second life.” January/February 2020 EFIBCA meeting outlines industry direction and challenges M embers of the European FIBC Association (EFIBCA) confirmed the council at the association’s annual general meeting in Amsterdam. EFIBCA’s president Roelof Veld (Boxon GmbH) was unanimously confirmed for two more years in his post. In addition to the two vice-presidents, Seref Orhun (Chempack) and Christian Leeb (Starlinger) as well as the other council members, who were also re-elected, the board was strengthened by two additional members, Marcel Schouten (LC Packaging International) and Lou Blockx (Louis Blockx nv). Following the traditional open meeting numerous non-members sat through practical presentations from the FIBC world. Seref Orhun gave a background to current FIBC market. The statistics show the market for FIBCs is more globalised and competitive than ever, he said, with a steady shift to countries that have ever lower labour costs. Against this backdrop of price-driven markets, the challenges for the industry will be addressing and improving quality and safety standards, sound business ethics and social standards, and conforming with the highest environmental standards. Orhun added that EFIBCA will continue to help the European FIBC market develop in a responsible and sustainable manner through initiatives such as the EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge and Code of Conduct, other member services and information for end users. A presentation on the circular economy was of wide interest. Christoph Noppinger and Horvath Martin from Starlinger demonstrated in their presentation that it is already possible to recycle used FIBCs and produce new bags from them. The most important prerequisite for this is the design for recycling of FIBCs, so next year EFIBCA will spend more time on this issue and develop a recommendation about it. A new training workshop of the 1st FIBC Academy took place, and this is now held monthly by EFIBCA together with expert Dr Amir Samadijavan. In three different modules, participants learn all about the manufacturing processes of FIBCs and also receive instructions on how to select the right bag for their respective applications. The next EFIBCA meeting will be a dinner reception on 6 May, the evening before the start of the Interpack trade show, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany. www.efibca.com MEET AND DO BUSINESS WITH THE UK’S LEADING SHIPPERS, IMPORTERS AND gy olo n ch EXPORTERS Te Ne xt Ge ne rat ion New IBA partner VIP matching programme S New for 2020! Starlinger demonstrated in their presentation that it is possible to recycle used FIBCs and produce new bags from them A host of vertical half day seminars reflecting shipper attendance, plus a bespoke match-making service to connect shippers to each other and our exhibitors. And, with the focus on apprenticeships, training, re/upskilling, education and recruitment, Multimodal 2020 is a must attend event. Find out more at MULTIMODAL.ORG.UK ascha Siebel has become a partner in Intermediate Bulk Alliance GmbH (IBA). As a long-serving company director, he has acquired 20 percent of the shares held by Liquid CONcept GmbH, the sole shareholder to date. Founded 10 years ago, IBA supports the core operations of Liquid CONcept through individual transport solutions, with a focus on the development and Sascha Siebel marketing of disposable aseptic bags for transporting liquid foodstuffs. Siebel aims to drive the business forward with existing and new customers by implementing specially tailored and unconventional packaging solutions. In the future, the company intends to make sustainability a stronger focus of its logistics solutions. This is just one of the reasons why Ulrich Schnoor, managing director and executive partner of Liquid CONcept, predicts a bright future with continuing high demand for IBA.